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Chemical Peel - How Many Layers of Skin Are Removed?

How many layers of the skin are removed when you have a 20% TCA chemical peel? What if you are using a AHA in combination with the TCA? Is this going... READ MORE

What is the healing time after a chemical burn with 20% Salicylic acid. (photos)

It burned for about 30 minutes after the treatment then the pain subsided and it turned red and gradually brown. I'm only assuming it's a "burn"... READ MORE

How to Speed Up the Chemical Peel Process?

I just had a glycolic chemical peel done and this is suppose to be one of seven treaments spread out throughout the year. I also have dark skin. The... READ MORE

I Got a Chemical Peel About Two Days Ago and the Skin Around my Mouth Started to Peel. Is This Normal? (photo)

Because I was going out, I peeled it off. Isis is going to effect the process of the peel and the skin that was already peeled of, is the skin under... READ MORE

Any over the Counter Medicine to Help with Severe Swelling Caused by Chemical Peel?

I went in for a chemical peel (vitalize peel) Friday morning and 24 hours later my face is very red, itchy and severely swollen. I am concerned the... READ MORE

How Do I Heal the Result of my "At Home" Chemical Peel? (photo)

On Sunday I received Jessner's Peel and 30% Salicylic Acid. After the application, I was still frosted really bad and I was starting to bruise within... READ MORE

Will my skin heal itself? Chemical peel related, laugh lines are now wrinkles..

So recently I did a fade peel from MUAC which contains glycolic acid 30%, lactic acid 20%, kojic acid 2%, malic acid 3%. Out of habit that day though... READ MORE

Skin redness after chemical peel. How long will it take to heal? Is there anything I can do to heal it faster?

I applied Marie France Oil (Lactic acid + Citric acid) on my thighs and knees. The skin peeled off but left redness. The redness has faded to pink... READ MORE

My Face is Having Hyperpigmentation After Chemical Peel. Could my Face Healed by Itself? How Long Does It Takes? (photo)

I got my face peeled 9 months ago , I was having really bad hyperpigmentation. Now , the hyperpigmentation is lighten but still can be seen under... READ MORE

URGENT Superficial Chemical Burn from "Fire and Ice Facial" at Medical Spa. Please help!

On Friday, I had a Fire & Ice Facial from a Medi-Spa in my area. I made sure to ask if Retinol use was ok. (I had stopped use of my Retinol 0.5% 2... READ MORE

Can someone with psoriasis get a face peel?

If someone with psoriasis gets a chemical peel, laser peel, etc. will it do more harm than good? Will they heal normally? Is it recommended that they... READ MORE

Complications after my skin peel. (photos)

10 days ago i had a peel done by a dermatologist which was supposed to be a medium peel. He definitely over frosted me on my problem areas(forehead... READ MORE

Getting light peel tonight. I have a couple healing breakouts and had been using aczone on them at. Ok to get peel still?

For the past week I have been using aczone on an area where I had active breakouts and now they are in the healing process. Is it okay to get the peel... READ MORE

I Have Just Been Diagnosed with Sensory Nerve Damage After Having a Skinmedica Vitalize Peel?

I have just been diagnosed with sensory nerve damage after having a skinmedica vitalize peel. It has been 11 weeks since the peel and I have severe... READ MORE

I got a pyruvic acid peel about a week ago, immediately after the peel I started getting water boils all over face? (Photos)

Fast forward a week later boils went down, skin turned very dark and brown and then peeled but now I have huge craters, very rough and flaky skin,... READ MORE

Dark Circles After ICP Chemical Peel

I have severe dark circles or discoloration on my under eyes due to the ICP Peel that I had 2 years ago. It also left my skin in black patches. The... READ MORE

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