Glycolic + Chemical Peel

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Glycolic Acid Peel Gone Wrong? My Face is Absolutely Horrible. Help? (Photo)

I had a 40% Glycolic Acid Peel done last night (2 days prior she did dermaplaning). The chemical peel was left on for 3-4 minutes and burned so bad.... READ MORE

What Chemical Peel is Best for Large Pores?

What chemical acid peel is best for very large Pores? Like Glycolic or Sysclic READ MORE

Bad Reaction on my Face After Chemical Peel? (photo)

This is not my first time under go for a peel, as i had done miami peel before, went to the doctor office, he recommend me a gentlest peel from a... READ MORE

Is Lactic Peel the Mildest Peel? What's the Difference Between Lactic Acid Glycolic Peel?

I have some mild acne scars, sun spots and bigger pores. which one is better? READ MORE

I had a 30% glycolic acid peel after dermaplaning. Skin looks awful, lots of scabbing. Should I exfoliate or wait? (photo)

My skin looks awful (this is day three) with lots of brown scabbing. The esthetician said to exfoliate but that seems counterintuitive. I am also... READ MORE

I bought Cosderma peel containing combination of kojic acid 10%, glycolic acid 15% and lactic acid 20%. Is it safe at home ?

I am 34, Indian skin and have some post acne pigmentation on my cheek. One or two slight pit/scars too. I bought Cosderma peel containing combination... READ MORE

Are chemical peels making my ice pick scars worse? Why are my pores bigger after chemical peel?

Had 3rd chemical peel done. 30% glycolic 30% salcylic. first 2 peels were 30% glycolic 20% salicylic. pores big already. I have ice pick scars. After... READ MORE

Combining Glycolic Acid and Salcylic Acid

How does combining Glycolic acid and Salcylic acid benefit our skin? Is there a minimum percentage of amount for it to work on our face? READ MORE

Which Peel is Better Salicylic or Glycolic Peel for over All Improvement of Face?

To treat un even skin tone, spot correction, tan and over all improvement of complexion? READ MORE

Can I do a 70% glycolic acid peel on my breast lift scars and top of my vagina to get rid of waxing scars?

I bought a 70% acid peel today and put it on the top part of my vagina and everything seems fine. I also did a test patch on my breast lift scars and... READ MORE

Is There Any Clients You Should Not Recommend Any Type of Peel To?

I recently asked about using glycolic on clients with diabetes, we are taught in school that we should not recomend glycolic to diabetes, lactic to... READ MORE

Can chemical peels be done in under eyes to help remove dark circles?

Can chemical peels be done in under eyes to help remove dark circles? Are dark circles caused from trapped blood underneath the skin or is it... READ MORE

If I Use for Two Nights Each: Retin A Micro, Glycolic Acid 10% and Salicylic Acid 2%, is That Too Much?

My current routine is as follows: Morning: cleanse, serum, spf Night: cleanse with Clarisonic, treatment, night lotion The treatment portion is as... READ MORE

Will hyperpigmentation from glycolic acid peel go away? (photo)

Before I tried chemical peels I had PIH from acne. It was pretty moderate. I decided to try a glycolic peel. The first peel went ok but frosted a bit... READ MORE

Should I start with glycolic acid peel or salicylic acid peel for acne?

My skin is sensitive, so I want to work my way up with chemical peels, build a tolerance to them. I have slight acne scarring and uneven skin texture,... READ MORE

Retin A 0.05 For Skin Lightening with no Results; Recommended Concentration for a Glycolic Peel?

I have clear skin. I use retin A 0.05 for skin lightening as the outer layers which got tanned get exfoliated. But I don’t see any peeling,... READ MORE

I am a young female with dark skin on my neck. Would you suggest a chemical peel? I need quick results

Do you suggest a chemical peel like glycolic acid or lactic acid? A little information about me: I am not and have never been overweight and my neck... READ MORE

Does glycolic acid make your skin thinner?

I have heard (and read) that chemical peels peel off the outer layer of the skin (epidermis?) and if used regularly they will thin your skin. Is this... READ MORE

Which Percentage of Glycolic Peel is Best Suited for Pigmentation on Legs Legs and How Many Times a Week Should It Be Used?

What % glycoilc peel is useful for pigmentation on legs and how many times it need to be used a week . Can I also use HQ+ along with it please... READ MORE

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