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Mild Rosacea - Chemical Peel BEFORE or AFTER IPL Photofacial?

Female, 35 with mild to moderate Rosacea. I am already scheduled to have an IPL Photofacial and then 2 months after I am booked for a 4-layer chemical... READ MORE

Best Peels for Brown Spots and Small Seborrheic Keratoses?

I am 60 years old and I have fair skin with brown spots on cheeks and forehead, plus scattered small keratoses that are flesh-to-brown colored, with a... READ MORE

Brown Spots on Forehead After 30% at Home Chemical Peel?

A month after I gave myself a chemical peel I went out in the sun with 30 spf on. Within 2 days brown spots appeared on my forehead. I went to a local... READ MORE

I recently got a chemical peel and afterwards my skin started scabbing. Will the scars go away?

I panic and started picking the scabs which then turned into scars i called my doctor and she stated it was normal but i now have scars oon my right... READ MORE

Can a chemical peel help me to look younger?

I am 67 years old (female) and have sagging skin, deep wrinkles around my mouth and forehead. I cannot get a facelift (according to doctor); can a... READ MORE

Complications after my skin peel. (photos)

10 days ago i had a peel done by a dermatologist which was supposed to be a medium peel. He definitely over frosted me on my problem areas(forehead... READ MORE

Best peeling for forming laugh lines? 25 y/o

Hello, I'm 25 and I have some laugh lines forming on my face, as well as lines on my forehead and inbetween my eyebrows. As I'm put off by the side... READ MORE

Can you get a chemical skin peel at 16 years of age?

I am 15 and nearly turning 16 and have got a few burns from waxing and also some teen spots on my forehead. what age should I get a skin peel? READ MORE

Is it normal to feel nothing during a salicylic acid peel?

I just did an at home salicylic acid peel, its a salicylic gel 35% and i felt nothing. Just a slight tightness on my forehead. I heard its normal to... READ MORE

I have a brown line on forehead. How to get rid of it? (photos)

Have a brown line on my forehead because by mistake I rubbed it with sand paper. Did try tattoo removal laser but not succefull. Thinking to try... READ MORE

Obagi medium chemical peel(s) to treat lots of forehead wrinkles caused by frowning and sun damage. Is this strong enough?

I have lots of diaganol forehead wrinkles that are fine and static and have around $2000 to spend . I have visited a professional who has advised... READ MORE

Can this ever be fixed? (photos)

I am a dark brown African American think Gabriel Union. For some idiotic February 2012 I completely ruined my skin trying to perform a peel at home... READ MORE

I have high-pigmentation on my forehead and temples I have had it for over a year. Any suggestions?

My skin is a medium shade and the patches are only slightly darker but the same on each side.i have tried lots of creams microdermabrasion treatments.... READ MORE

Is it common for some parts of the face not to react to the chemical peel at all?

I had a Vitalize chemical peel 4 days ago. Now only the area around my mouth is peeling (quite intensely) since day 2, but my forehead is not affected... READ MORE

What is the best chemical peel/skin routine to get rid/lessen stubborn forehead wrinkles?

I am 28yo and recently really got into taking care of my skin for fine lines and wrinkles. I have used neutrogena deep wrinkle serum, neutrogena rapid... READ MORE

Is Chemical Peel Right for Me?

When I was little, I accidentally scratched myself on the forehead and that has resulted in a permanent red mark and the skin is slightly dented. It... READ MORE

Breakout after a chemical peel? (photo)

Hi i'm an african but fair in complexion.i had a chemical peel like almost 3weeks now and i'm having breakout on both chicks and my forehead,so i want... READ MORE

What type of chemical peel would give me best results? (photo)

I don't have any acne I just picked my face for pretty much no reason while I was on drugs and now it looks like some maybe mild hyperpigmentation... READ MORE

Any suggestions for Hypopigmentation after a croton oil peel?

Several years ago i had a croton oil peel which left me with hypopigmentation in my jaw area as well as hyperpigmentation on my forehead.The color has... READ MORE

I had Melanage chemical peel 2.5 weeks ago. I waxed my eyebrows and now have a huge red patch on my forehead. (Photos)

I had Melanage chemical peel 2.5 weeks ago. My skin was still peeling a little but not my forehead. I waxed my eyebrows and now have a huge red patch... READ MORE

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