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Dry Flakey Skin After Vitalize Chemical Peel?

I had a Vitalize chemical peel on Monday and began heavily peeling on Wednesday. It is now Friday and I have almost completed my peel, but I noticed... READ MORE

What Should I Expect After a Glo Therapeutics Triplex Facial Peel?

On Thursday (today Sunday) I had a Glo Therapeutics Triplex peel, she applied two layers and I was not allowed to wash my face for at least 12 hours.... READ MORE

Will my skin ever return to it's normal color? Is this normal or should I look for a new doctor to get my chemical peels done?

Hi I had a AFA 40 % chemical peel done and it caused flaking that fell of in the shower revealing extremely pink skin that has lasted 2 weeks now but... READ MORE

My face is on fire but it's also dry and peeling at the same time. What is this and how can I make it stop? (photos)

As you can see my face is extremely red, burning but it's dry and peeling at the same time. Anything that I use on my face sends it into a burning... READ MORE

How to get rid of the dead flaky skin after a chemical peel? (Photo)

Please help! I did a chemical peel on my legs 1 month ago! The skin went dark and now flaky! Super ugly and uncomfortable! It has been more than 30... READ MORE

Care After chemical peeling

After superficial chemical peel my skin completely peeled within 2 day but after that my skin becomes tight and flakes are created. READ MORE

I have dry skin after Hetter peel under eyes. Will this go away?

I had a Hetter peel around my eyes 6 weeks ago. I have a very weird texture under my eyes. It looks like flaky skin, but it doesn't flake off. It... READ MORE

I had an Illuminize Peel (my first peel ever) 10 days ago. Skin is very rough and red. Any suggestions ?

The first few days were fine, and I've had hardly any flaking. However, my skin is red and very rough and scaly. The texture is terrible and makeup... READ MORE

Should I get a greater reaction to the 50% glycolic acid peels I am doing? What's the desired reaction/result from a face peel?

Had facial peels at my dermatologist's office years ago. Doing peels at home for about 6 months. I've worked my way up using the peels from a 20%-50%... READ MORE

Did a 70% lactic acid peel burn my skin? Some of the skin has flaked off. I can see pink skin underneath. Will this go away?

I did and lactic acid peel 2 days ago it has burnt my face. at first my skin had frosted up and i woke up the next day it has formed dark brown skin... READ MORE

Which chemical peel should I use ?

There's so many chemical peels out there it kinda makes it hard to choose one. I have had a chemical peel done on me before. All it did was make my... READ MORE

Is it normal to have dry, flaky skin and a breakout after enzyme peel?

I had an enzyme peel last week, now I am breaking out and I have really dry skin. I didnĀ“t change anything so that is the only thing that can cause ... READ MORE

Will the redness of my chemical peel go? (Photo)

So 5 days ago I got a professional Tca peel of a high percent to get rid of scar on my lower face area. On day 5 all the skin had flaked off and I am... READ MORE

My skin is combination oily and dry, with oily being too oily. Is a chemical peel the best answer?

I'm 25, i took a raoccutane course about 5 years ago. My skin returned really oily a couple of months back, but greater parts of my body and face are... READ MORE

Is there any difference between glycolic acid and a glycolic acid chemical peel?....

I bought a bottle of GLYCOLIC ACID 70 % , it is pure acid , is there any preparation done to the acid to convert it into a peel ...If so then what, ?... READ MORE

Is this a chemical burn and if so how should I treat it? (photos)

Yesterday I used a 50% lactic acid peel on my face for 8 minutes, this isn't my first time using it and I usually handle it pretty well. This time... READ MORE

what is the cause of hyperpigmentation or jut normal?

I used a chemical peel lotion for 3 days straight. after 3 days my skin starts to peel off but after 2 days of peeling my skin turned dark and flaky.... READ MORE

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