Fine Lines + Chemical Peel

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Chemical Peel Vs. Laser Peel - Which is Better for Fine Lines, Sun Damage?

I am a Caucasian woman with medium skin (can burn, but will tan). I am considering a medium medical grade peel to help with lines, pigment changes... READ MORE

One High-strength Chemical Peel Vs. Several Low-strength Peels

To help with pigmentation issues, dull skin, and fine lines, I'm considering having either a series of 3 to 4 7% TCA + 2% salicylic peels, or just... READ MORE

First Peel - TCA 35% or Lower?

I've never had a chemical peel before. For the past few weeks, I've been using a product with 1% retinol. I have some discoloration and mild to... READ MORE

Best peel for keratosis pilaris?

I have KP on my face, the area from my cheeks to my neck is covered in the bumps and redness. I also have fine lines and freckles. Is there a chemical... READ MORE

Crepey Skin and Fine Lines Under Eyes?

Hello, I had a hard 7 months after a bad Retylane job under my eyes. I had vitrase, ulthera, fractional co2, and sclerotherapy before I found a... READ MORE

Can AHA Peels Help with Fine Lines?

I don't understand. Some dr.'s say that even AHA's peels can help with fine lines, others say that only very deep peels can improve that problem. I... READ MORE

Peels Vs. Various Laser for Sun Damage and Fine Lines?

Compare the outcomes and costs of Peels, Genesis laser, fraxional laser, lime light laser , and advise the preferred method to clear up sun damage on... READ MORE

What kind of peel would be the best to help mild chin acne, even skin tone and reduce fine lines?

Hello! l what kind of peel w be the best to help mild chin acne, even sin tone and reduce fine line- ve sensitive skin w some broken capillaries ---NYC READ MORE

Chemical Peel After Dermabrasion

About six months ago I had a dermabrasion procedure. It left me with a lot of fine lines that I didn't have before. Will a chemical peel help and,... READ MORE

Is it possible for a chemical peel to WORSEN wrinkles?

I am 25 years old and recently, while looking at my face under a magnifying mirror, I noticed that I had two very fine lines underneath my right eye.... READ MORE

What is the best chemical peel/skin routine to get rid/lessen stubborn forehead wrinkles?

I am 28yo and recently really got into taking care of my skin for fine lines and wrinkles. I have used neutrogena deep wrinkle serum, neutrogena rapid... READ MORE

Fine lines or inflammation? (Photo)

I had 3 very mild peels, a week apart and then definitely over exfoliated because my skin felt so awful. My skin feels dry, tight & quite sore,but... READ MORE

Dark circles, Fines lines (around eyes), Discoloration (face) Chemical Peels? Laser? (Photos)

I have always suffered from dark circles and HATE THEM. I also have several fine lines on both my upper and lower eye area. On top of that, I have... READ MORE

Pock marks, pimples, and fine lines. Peel, microdermabrasion, or laser? (Photo)

What's the best method to get rid of acne scars, help reduce acne, and fine lines at the same time without breaking the bank? READ MORE

Best Chemical peel for me?

Headed back to the plastic surgeon and while there I am gonna ask for a chemical peel. I am 33 with light acne and scarring, a few fine lines and... READ MORE

I am a healthy 41. I want to sort out some sun damage and fine wrinkles around the mouth. Which method? (photo)

Laser? Chemical? Other? Which has best results? Likely recovery (off work) time? I am looking to be treated in a month or so. Is there anything I... READ MORE

What can I do to improve the look of the fine lines underneath my eyes?

I'm almost 33 and I think I still have a youthful face but these really age me and make me look exhausted. Would a chemical be too harsh for this... READ MORE

Does the Obagi Radiance Peel cause pitting of the skin?

I had an Obagi Radiance Peel 10 days ago as I was looking for something to help with some sun damage spots and fine lines around the orbital area of... READ MORE

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