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what is the most effective peel chemical and percentage for hyperpigmentated/sundamaged for dark african american skin!

I have sun damaged skin and I am African-American. I am perplexed by how many peels that are available to purchase. Please answer the following... READ MORE

Myth or Fact: Do Chemical Peels Stimulate Collagen Production?

I have enlarged/scarred pores on my cheeks and on my nose. I also have a few very, very, shallow acne scars. I would love to find an alternative to... READ MORE

Most Aggressive of All Peels?

Which among all the peels (chemical peel, laser peel, glycolic acid peel, etc.) is the strongest/most aggressive? I'm looking for a strong peel to... READ MORE

Use of Chemical Peel or Laser Skin Resurfacing for Razor Bump Scars on Legs? (photo)

I have what is appears as razor bump scars on legs that over the years have gotten worst. I have stopped the use of the razor, but wanted to know what... READ MORE

Will a Chemical Peel Work the First Time and How Much Will it Cost?

I'm in between dark and pale color and my freckles are dark for my skin, they're really noticeable. READ MORE

How Effective is a Chemical Peel For Scars on People of Color? (photo)

I have old scars and acne scars on my face. I'm light-skinned, and I'm looking into getting a chemical peel, but I'm just now sure how... READ MORE

Which Is More Effective- Green Herbal Peel or the Jessners Peel + TCA?

Which is more effective for results? The Green Herbal Peel or the Jessners Peel + TCA? I have scars, acne, uneven skin, freckles, sun spots, broken... READ MORE

Chemical Peel Advice

If you have never done a chemical peel and your skin isn't that bad (some acne scars here and there, few uneven skin textures, few age spots) should... READ MORE

How Effective is the Vitalize Peel for Fine Lines?

I'm 24 and fair skinned male who used to have acne and now has acne scars. They are mild, and not icepick. I went to my plastic surgeons office... READ MORE

Generally speaking, which peel is stronger and more effective for acne pigmentation? TCA peel or PCA peel?

Hi. I heard that TCA and PCA peels are medium depth peels to treat acne pigmentations. What is the difference between these two and which one is more... READ MORE

Are chemical peels an effective solution? Are they permanent? (Photos)

I have an uneven skin tone. It's pale, dull and a little dark. This bothers me. I want to get an even and fair complexion. I also have white spots on... READ MORE

Which type of home treatment is best for my face? Which type of mask or peel would be more effective?

I have a light skin tone and usually dry, sensitive face. I have medium acne and mild scarring. I've had acne for about three years. And it won't go... READ MORE

I Had Mesopeel Today is 5th Day Still No Peel or Glow, Why?

I had meso peel today is 5th day still no peeling or flakes and glow also when I will get the effect READ MORE

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