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Chemical Peel Will Help Remove Dark Spots Left Behind from Acne?

I recently had an awful breakout from a birth control my body didn't agree with.. Left behind lots of darks spots on my cheeks and chin area. I... READ MORE

Can Chemical Peels Get Ride of Mild and Deep Acne Scars and Other Scars? (photo)

Can Chemical Peels Get Ride of Mild and Deep Acne Scars and Other Scars? READ MORE

Can Deep Chemical Peels Reveal the Lighter Skin Underneath?

Sometimes when you get a scab, it will stay there for a while. Then, when it lifts, the skin is lighter and never returns to original color. If you... READ MORE

At Home Chemical Peel - Effective?

Neastrata offers an over the counter "Skin Renewel Peel" that has 10% glycolic acid and 10% gluconolactone. It's not a cream or lotion... READ MORE

Can I Ever Get Back my Natural Skin Tone by Dermaroller Which it Lost After Chemical Peeling?

I have asian skin tone which has become darker after one sitting of chemical peeling right i am doing dermaroller will it help me get back by natural... READ MORE

Is Vitamin C Effective in Curing Post Laser Hyperpigmentation Permanently?

My mom travelled greatly in the heat & never shyed away from sun exposure still her skin was flawless. 3 to 3.5 yrs ago she started swimming &... READ MORE

Can Chemical Peel on Legs and Back Help in Eliminating Black Spots?

I'm talking about black spots on my legs and back NOT scars. I've been having them for 10 months. I started a chemical peeling last week, now my legs... READ MORE

What is the Most Effective Chemical Peel?

What is the most effective chemical peel? READ MORE

What is the most cost effective way to remove red actinic keratosis from cheeks and improve overall skin quality? Chemical Peel?

I just turned 50 and my sun loving days without sunscreen are catching up to me. I had a couple of AK’s removed with nitrogen last summer and two b... READ MORE

Which chemical peel skin treatment is most effective for treating Ichthyosis vulgaris?

I have a chronic condition of Ichthyosis vulgaris all over my arms, hands & legs (Dry, wrinkled scaly skin). I have tried every OTC product as... READ MORE

TCA Peelin Stretch Mask?

I have a white stretch marks from 10 years ago, I learned that the alternative is to reduce peeling, is that you can peel the green with 3-4... READ MORE

Could my skin texture benefit from chemical peel and if so what type? (Photo)

I am 37 years old. My skin has some acne scarring and discoloration. Overall dullness also. My skin is sensitive and olive in complexion. Please help!! READ MORE

What is better and more effective for my acne scars. Microdermabrasion or Chemical peel? (Photos)

I would like to know what's better, microdermabrasion or chemical peel for my combination sensitive skin? I have deep acne scars from the past and... READ MORE

What is Chemo Exfoliation and how effectively does it address acne scars?

I am 55 yrs old, still get acne and have scars from my teens, though not heavy. Of course, I also have wrinkles and sagging skin, so I'm wondering... READ MORE

Would you recommend Body peeling or IPL? (photos)

I was wondering if there was a safe, yet effective PO for the body? I have Sun damage on my legs, with large pores and some PIH on my arms. I'm not... READ MORE

Can you tell me if any face peels are effective but only around 3-4 days downtime?

I'm looking to add on a chemical peel of some sort to another procedure but I don't have time to heal for over 4-5 days max. What would be the most... READ MORE

Mixing AHA with ascorbic acid and aczone.

An article says don’t mix AHA with VIT C because it will increase redness and peeling. is this true? Another article says AHA and Vit. C t... READ MORE

Will a melange peel be effective on Indian skin? (Photo)

I am an Indian and i have dark wheatish skin. I am right now trying to lighten my skin, I have melasma in certain places on my skin, The doctor... READ MORE

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