Dry Skin + Chemical Peel

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How Long Does Peeling Really Last After Obagi Nu-Derm?

I've been using Obagi Nu-Derm system for 7 weeks now. I am still peeling, and my skin feels dry and flaky. How long will this phase last? Most reviews... READ MORE

Redness and Dryness After Chemical Peel?

I got a glycolic 50% chemical peel about 8 days ago and there is still redness and dryness on my face what should i do?? READ MORE

Dry Flakey Skin After Vitalize Chemical Peel?

I had a Vitalize chemical peel on Monday and began heavily peeling on Wednesday. It is now Friday and I have almost completed my peel, but I noticed... READ MORE

Light Chemical Peels Not Giving Desired Results For Dull, Dry & Saggy Skin. Other Options? (photo)

I have been through a lot of stress and lack of sleep during the last 6 months. I am 46, my skin looks dull/grey, lacking healthy glow and has sagged... READ MORE

Acne Scars and Tomato?

Couple of months ago i used tomato pulp on my acne scars and it worked great, then i went to the dermatologist and i got a chemical peel(50%). 2 weeks... READ MORE

Will my skin heal itself? Chemical peel related, laugh lines are now wrinkles..

So recently I did a fade peel from MUAC which contains glycolic acid 30%, lactic acid 20%, kojic acid 2%, malic acid 3%. Out of habit that day though... READ MORE

My face is on fire but it's also dry and peeling at the same time. What is this and how can I make it stop? (photos)

As you can see my face is extremely red, burning but it's dry and peeling at the same time. Anything that I use on my face sends it into a burning... READ MORE

I used a Perfect Image Pineapple-Pumpkin Enzyme Peel Level 1 last night and left it on too long! Very stupid I know.

I now have significant burning on several areas on my face, including my chin and upper cheeks. It is very red, dry and it burns. cheeks. It is very... READ MORE

Is it normal to have under eye wrinkles after Sensi peel? (Photo)

I'm 36 with dry sensitive skin. I had a PCA sensi peel done for the first time. It's been 6 days now and the skin under my eyes is now very crepey and... READ MORE

Dry and Darker Skin After Chemical Peel. Have Had Two Sessions of Chemical Peel at an Interval of Two Weeks?

In both sessions, i noticed that my skin looked fairer in starting days after the peel, and it looks fair as long as i am in home But the day i go to... READ MORE

Chemical Peel At-Home. Are These Normal Symptoms?

Hi i know you may be against this but ive recently purchased a BHA at home peel solution that 20percent concentration. what i want to know is that it... READ MORE

Which chemical peel skin treatment is most effective for treating Ichthyosis vulgaris?

I have a chronic condition of Ichthyosis vulgaris all over my arms, hands & legs (Dry, wrinkled scaly skin). I have tried every OTC product as... READ MORE

Fine lines or inflammation? (Photo)

I had 3 very mild peels, a week apart and then definitely over exfoliated because my skin felt so awful. My skin feels dry, tight & quite sore,but... READ MORE

Why is It That Whenever I Use my 1 Week Old Peeling Scrub, About 1 Day Later I Start to Get Little Small Pimples on my Face?

I only use this about twice a week. However, whenever I use it, my face tend to get flaky and start to get small pimples. I naturally have dry skin... READ MORE

What are these brown spots on my face after peeling process? My skin is extremely dry and patchy. Plz help! (Photo)

Hello I am 24 years old female from India.I had a peeling yesterday the dermatologist told me that it was a party peel that is done twice a week but... READ MORE

Had a vitalize peel - no peeling.

Had a vitalize peel like 2 days ago my face just feel dry and raw and no sights of peeling is this normal READ MORE

I did a perfect derma peel friday and was done peeling by tuesday. Today is Wednesday & my skin is tight & dry! Any suggestion?

I did a perfect derma peel friday and was done peeling by tuesday, today is wednsday and my skin is tight and dry even when i puy lotion on..remind... READ MORE

Will chemical peel help reduce appearance of dark pores on legs and thighs. I also have dry skin? (photo)

Even though I shave it's like I didn't my legs are smooth but they look disgusting what can I do to get this resolved I'm 18 years and I can't enjoy... READ MORE

Burned, dry and very tight skin after using Yellow Peeling oil

I used Yellow Peeling Oil for 4 days. Itchiness occurred then suddenly after 4 days of using it and 3 days of letting it peel, my knees became very... READ MORE

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