Downtime + Chemical Peel

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Chemical Peel Recovery Time

I am a professional, very busy. Cannot afford to be out of work for long recovering from a  chemical peel. How much downtime can I expect from... READ MORE

TCA vs Phenol Peel vs Chemical Peel - Which is Better?

Is a Tsa Peel the Same As a Chemical Peel? What is a Phenol Peel? Also, Which is Better? What is the down time for a peel? READ MORE

How much downtime after light chemical peel? Running outside/inside, weight training inside but sweating? And makeup? (photo)

I'm training for a half marathon and would like to continue my running plus I take a Kettle bell class inside gym but do a lot if sweating. Will doing... READ MORE

Should I Expect More Peeling from 20% Salicylic Acid or 30% Glycolic Acid?

I've had 20% salicylic peels administered on a weekly basis but the level of peeling and flaking is a little too much for me, thought the results... READ MORE

Is It Necessary to Repeat AHA Chemical Peeling 4 Times?

I've done an AHA peeling on my face.MY physician ask me to repeat it 4 times.But I don't want though.It's so annoying until recovery.I... READ MORE

What Kind of Laser Will Help With Both Issues?

I was planning to do a peel 2 even my skin tone NOT TO ADDRESS AN ISSUE W MY BROKEN CAP majority of u said that peel w make my broken cap worse... READ MORE

Can you tell me if any face peels are effective but only around 3-4 days downtime?

I'm looking to add on a chemical peel of some sort to another procedure but I don't have time to heal for over 4-5 days max. What would be the most... READ MORE

Which chemical peel could I use at home that has minimal down time & would effectively eliminate my spots and scars? (Photo)

What type of chemical peel could I use at home that has minimal down time that could effectively eliminate my spots and scars? I work retail, and so I... READ MORE

Question about under-eye peel when a lower bleph is not needed.

47 yrs old, have no under eye bags just a little crepe-ness, and although I do have botox in crows feet I'd like to improve the texture on my lower... READ MORE

I get married next week considering Mandelic peel. Is it safe?

Hi doctors i get married on august 18th and i am considering a Mandelic peel as i have some sun damaged skin. The practitioner has asurred me there is... READ MORE

How long should one wait before their next Jessner peel?

After the initial peel, when should the next peel be? Two weeks, four weeks? READ MORE

Chemical peel or carbon laser facial is less invasive?

I'm 25 and have untoned facial muscle with uneven color. No acne or scars. I want a treament with minimal downtime on my face from the 2 mentioned... READ MORE

Nano Peel or PRP facial (not lift)? Which one gives you better results/less downtime?

I am looking for a good option to start erasing some sun damage and aging from my face. Small wrinkles around/under eyes and a little sagging just... READ MORE

Whether it's peels, pens, or laser, why have a single strong skin treatment rather than several milder skin treatments?

I understand that the primary issue might be recovery and downtime, but there seems to be something more in the idea behind. I would guess that skin... READ MORE

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