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Does Skin Need to Actually Peel for Best Results from a Peel?

I had a light/lunch time peel at my Drs office last year. This was my third peel done at that office. My skin peeled after my first two peels and I... READ MORE

Can Anyone Recommend a Doctor in NY Who Performs Deep Chemical Peels, Particularly Phenol/Hetter?

Many doctors are using lasers instead but I read that w/chemical peel, results improve over time and have read reviews about lasers that either... READ MORE

NYC Chemical Peel Doctor Recommendations

I am a white 60-year-old male and my forehead coloration is uneven with darkish spots (apparently due to sun damage). I would like to have a peeling... READ MORE

What treatment should one with post-acne scar marks take? (Photo)

I've had these marks for more than 5 years now. I've tried creams like Mederma and some topical applications suggested by a skin care expert, but... READ MORE

How do I find a doctor with extensive experience with chemical peels/working on darker skin tone individuals?

I use to have sever acne since I was a teenager (now I am in my 20s). My acne is finally gone but I am left with a lot of deep scars on my face. I... READ MORE

I am seeking a doctor who can give me the best Chemical Peel & Juvederm experience?

**WHAT would be the best chemical peel to tighten the skin, pull out the dark spots and leave my skin with a smoother appearance? I also am interested... READ MORE

I need a list of physicians the perform melanage peel in NJ

I need list of physicians that perform melanage peel in ny and nj READ MORE

Laser/chemical resurfacing for darker complexion.

Is there a doctor in the Chula Vista or San Diego area who has extensive experience with skin resurfacing (laser or chemical peel) on people with... READ MORE

Melanage Peel Medical Provider?

I have been searching for medical offices that offer the Melanage Peel in Montana, Idaho, or Washington. Can you recommend an office that offers this... READ MORE

Finding Neostrata Glycolic Acid Peels in Dubai?

I'm looking to have a Neostrata Glycolic acid peel. Do you have any recommendations for doctors or clinics in Dubai? READ MORE

India Chemical Peel Doctor Recommendations

I'd like to find a good doctor in India to perform a chemical peel but I'm not sure where to look. READ MORE

Melanage Peel Doctor Recommendations in Manhattan?

I am a 45-year-old Asian woman wanting to try the Melanage peel. Any doctor recommendations on who does the Melanage peel in Manhattan? READ MORE

Combined Chemical and Mechanical Facial Peel Doctor?

Hi, is anyone familiar with this new Chemical medium depth peel, which combines mechanical and chemical peel? I had this procedure done 11 years ago... READ MORE

I have periortibal wrinkles. Is the Hetter Resurfacing Chemical peel a good treatment for this?

I would like to get rid of the lines below my lower lip. I came across an article on the Hetter Resurfacing Chemical peel. Are there any doctors in... READ MORE

Seeking a a qualified Dr in NYC who can give me a peel under the eyes?

I have some pih under the eyes from an injury (i think it is either hemosiderin or pih) and i am doing medlite with slow results (although i do see... READ MORE

Is chemical peel good for me ? (photos)

I'm 26years ..had some scars start to appear 6 months ago ..It is chemical peel good for me ?appreciate your help as i'm living in area where it's... READ MORE

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