Discoloration + Chemical Peel

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How to Choose Between Chemical Peels, Microdermabrasion and Laser?

I am unsure what route to go down whether to have a Chemical peel, Microdermabrasion or laser treatment. Here is my self assessment of my skin: I... READ MORE

What is AHA and How Does the Peel Work?

There are fine wrinkle lines on my face --esp around mouth and eyes. what will AHA peel do for this? READ MORE

I Have Dark Spots and Discolouration on my Legs and Thighs, What Would Be the Best Solution for This Problem? (photo)

I can't wear shorts or skirts and i am embarrassed about my skin. Would chemical peels work? READ MORE

Due to waxing my underarms are discolored. Will chemical peel get rid of this?

But it wasn't my first time to do this...the lady applied wax repeatedly in my underarms and because of that my skin got inflamed and i'd developed... READ MORE

Lactic Acid 50% Did Not Do Much for Discoloration Around Mouth. Could TCA 12% Do the Trick? How About IPL?

I have discoloration/scarring around my mouth. I used to have Angular Chelitis and I would lick the areas around my mouth, causing discoloration. I... READ MORE

Did I Make a Chemical Peel Mistake? (photo)

I have been administering light peels to myself from a reputable company for awhile now. I gave myself a 12.5% TCA peel- 3 layers. No frosting and no... READ MORE

Corners of Lips Got Chemically Peeled Now Its Much Lighter from Rest of the Lips. What Can I Do? (photo)

I had superficial chemical peel on my face a week ago by a dermatologist. But during the procedure i got both corners of my lips peeled as well. And... READ MORE

Do Chemical Peels Risk Causing Premature Skin Aging Like Lasers?

Hello, I have alot of acne scarring and discoloration I would like to get rid of. I was thinking about lasers but I've read some reviews of people who... READ MORE

Brown patches day after moderate chemical peel. Is this normal or will skin be scarred/discolored permanently? (photos)

Just had a moderate chemical peel done yesterday. Certain areas of my face have brown patches. Will this be scarred and permanently discolored in... READ MORE

Still Scarred 5 Weeks After Under Eye Chemical Peel, Skin Looks Plastic

I researched plastic surgeons and found one in NYC that specializes in faces, I had an under eye chemical peel almost six weeks ago. The PS told me i... READ MORE

Can Chemical Peels be applied to the inner thigh area?

Hello, I'm Caucasian, but my inner thighs are very dark. I have no medical conditions, but I believe this is due to chaffing a lot when I was younger... READ MORE

Can I use a chemical peel on my penis?

Hey my penis is discolored and the skin is stretched and wrinkly, what can i do, the skin on the bottom of the shaft hurts sometimes, I was thinking... READ MORE

What kind of chemical peel would be best to treat my hyper pigmentation and scarring? (photos)

I have a medium skin tone and most of my scaring and discoloration is around my mouth upper lip and nose area READ MORE

Obagi Products for South Asians?

I live in Karachi, Pakistan. Is it safe to use Obagi products here in this part of world on my skin type? I have skin discoloration and pigmentation.... READ MORE

I have given a chemical peel last year causing discoloration, demarcation, patchy red and white skin. What can I do? (photo)

I was given a chemical peel in April LAST YEAR-  The estetician thought she gave me a 25% TCA peel (it was a product she just received from... READ MORE

I applied a 40% lactic acid peel over open wound (just a scab from a pimple) and now have discoloration, will it fade? (Photo)

What happened was I applied 40% lactic acid peel on my face 4 times successfully before the 5th time which I applied it over an open wound (just a... READ MORE

What are the risks involved with receiving a medium chemical peel? Also, how much would it cost?

I've heard that darker skinned women prefer this procedure but are at a higher risk of suffering from skin discoloration after having it. Is this true? READ MORE

Which Peels are best for African-American skin?

I have noticeable patches of dark discoloration on my face due to now-healed eczema and a sprinkling of small, flat brown moles. I think a Vi Peel is... READ MORE

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