Dark Spots + Chemical Peel

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Best Chemical Peel for Sun Damage

I'm concerned about how to get rid of sun damage and dark brown spots on my face. I'm 37, caucasian and have medium skin pigment and tone. Can you... READ MORE

Dark Scars After Chemical Peel

I originally went to the doctor for acne treatment, but while there, I explained her that I'm going on vacation in June, and I would like to go with a... READ MORE

Is Full Body Chemical Peel Possible?

I have dark marks everywhere, my legs,face, stomach and my back. My skin tone is medium brown. Which peel is best for me? READ MORE

Spots and Scars on Legs and Thighs: Will Skin Peeling Remove Them?

Whenever i am bitten by mosquitoes, i would get a red bump which will later turn into a sore. after that sore is heal it would leave a very dark spot.... READ MORE

African American Chemical Peel for Dark Spots and Oily Skin?

I am African American and have very oily skin and dark spots that I would like to have removed. What is the best chemical peel or procedure for these... READ MORE

Will Chemical Peel Work for Dark Spots?

I'm 24 years old. My knees and underarm are kind of dark…really dark. My question is, will chemical peel treatment work for me? Thank you. READ MORE

Chemical Peel Will Help Remove Dark Spots Left Behind from Acne?

I recently had an awful breakout from a birth control my body didn't agree with.. Left behind lots of darks spots on my cheeks and chin area. I... READ MORE

How do i remove dark spots from my legs and stomach? (photo)

I have lots of dark spots on my body from ingrown hair. I exfoliate abt 3x a week and this helps to keep the spots lighter. Plus, i use kojic soap for... READ MORE

I Have Dark Spots and Discolouration on my Legs and Thighs, What Would Be the Best Solution for This Problem? (photo)

I can't wear shorts or skirts and i am embarrassed about my skin. Would chemical peels work? READ MORE

Chemical Peel Vs. Laser Peel for Uneven Hispanic Skin Tone and Spots?

I have Olive (Medium) skin, and I am hispanic. My face has an uneven skin tone. I have white spots and dark spots. I've never had any procedures... READ MORE

Face is Darker After Chemical Peel. Will This Fade?

Had Chemical Peel Today N Spots on Face is Darker,would This Fade Away After a Few Days? READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation After a 'Perfect Peel' on Indian Skin?

I had two dark spots left from acne. The derm suggested the Perfect Peel. I had never had a peel before. Less than a minute after the solution was... READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation After Obagi Blue Peel

I had Obagi blue peel done almost 3 months ago. My face is hypopigmented and red, and I have dark spot a never had before. My doctor told me to use a... READ MORE

What the Best Chemical Peel I Can Use for my Dark Purple Scars Left by Boils? (photo)

Over the years i have had many boils due to being over weight and probably other reason which i do not know about. I have lost some weight and now get... READ MORE

Options for Dark Spots, Dark Elbows and Knees?

I am a young African-American woman, and not sure if chemical peels and skin bleaching are right for me. I have a lot of dark spots on my face, and I... READ MORE

Blotchy Dark Spots and Pimples After Chemical Peel

I have blotchy dark spots and have some acne on my face after Chemical Peel. Will this all disappear after some time, or do I do a second chemical... READ MORE

Burns After TxSystems B-LIFTx Peel?

I just had TxSystems B-LIFTx Peel 2 days ago, and my face looks like it has been burnt with some very dark brown scabbing spots. Is this... READ MORE

What is the Best Peel for Dark Spots? (photo)

I am on a skin regimen that involves using a salicylic wash, aczone and moisturizer with spf of 30 in the morning and tazorac and moisturizer at night... READ MORE

Developed Dark Spots on Face After Having Facial/extractions. Is Chemical Peel a Good Treatment?

A month ago, I had severe acne (hormonal & stress) and most were located on my forehead. I went to an aesthetician to extract the acne and... READ MORE

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