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Chemical Peel - How Many Layers of Skin Are Removed?

How many layers of the skin are removed when you have a 20% TCA chemical peel? What if you are using a AHA in combination with the TCA? Is this going... READ MORE

Mild Rosacea - Chemical Peel BEFORE or AFTER IPL Photofacial?

Female, 35 with mild to moderate Rosacea. I am already scheduled to have an IPL Photofacial and then 2 months after I am booked for a 4-layer chemical... READ MORE

How Do I Best Treat This Reaction to a Lactic Acid Peel (Photo).

How do I best treat this reaction to a lactic acid peel (see photo). I've done about 4 lactic acid peels (55% brand:MUAC) leaving product on for 7... READ MORE

Does Chemical Peel After Laser Resurfacing Help?

I recently had Deep FX/Active FX to reduce scars. Is it helpful to get a peel after laser resurfacing? If so, how soon after and what type of peel? READ MORE

Chemical Peel After Threading

I Had Threading Done on my Face, How Long Do I Have to Wait to Get a Chemical Peel? READ MORE

Alternating Glycolic Acid & TCA Peels

Hi, I want to alternate between glycolic acid peels 50% and TCA peels 12%. I usually have to do at least 3layers of GA peel to feel the sting, and... READ MORE

Combining Glycolic Acid and Salcylic Acid

How does combining Glycolic acid and Salcylic acid benefit our skin? Is there a minimum percentage of amount for it to work on our face? READ MORE

Can I Do an Acid Peel (Either TCA 12% or Glycolic 70%) a Few Days Before Getting Radiesse and Juvederm?

This is the only week for the next four months that I will be off of work. I would like to do a TCA or Glycolic (I've had both before and... READ MORE

Chemical Peel After Rhinoplasty?

I am thinking of combining my rhinoplasty with a chemical peel to maximise my 3 weeks off work. Is it possible to have the chemical peel a couple of... READ MORE

Is a Vitalize Peel Without Retinoic Acid Normal?

I had a vitalize peel done by a dermatologist, but it appears she did not apply the 3rd step, which was the retinoic acid. There was no yellow tinge... READ MORE

Dermaplanning Combined with Lactic Acid Peel Resulted in Hyperpigmenation and Scarring?

About three weeks ago, I had a actic asid peel which was suppesed to be very light, I also told that I ahve very sensitive skin, and I am Asian and... READ MORE

Are chemical peels safe while on antibiotic ( solodyn)?

Is it safe to do a Chemical peel or microdermabrasion while on solodyn , and with current mild active acne ? Will the chances of pigment or scaring... READ MORE

Chemical Often Should I Get Them?

Hi, I am a 27 year old male with combination skin and a few old acne scars (not very visible). I am kind of going through a phase, I am beginning to... READ MORE

Side effects of hydroquinone 2% in combination with tretinoin 0.025% and mometasone furoate 0.1%?

Sir..i used hydroquinone2% in the combination of tretinoin0.025%,mometasone furoate0.1% more then 18 months..till i haven't any side effects..if i... READ MORE

Pigmentation in Face. For Fast Result, Is it Safe To Combine Microdermabrasion with Chemical Peel?

I have some pigmentation in my face rest of my body is fair ...For fast result is It Safe to Combine Microdermabrasion with Chemical Peel? READ MORE

Can Several Light Chemical Peels Accomplish What a Harsh Chemical Peel Can?

I have fair skin and light hair, I have lines around my eyes and mouth from sun and smoking. I am especially concerned about the lines around my mouth. READ MORE

Prp and chemical peels combined.

Hi I have done prp treatments in the past... Now I'm considering a chemical peel. Is it recommended to get a prp before or after a chemical peel... Or... READ MORE

Can a Chemical Peel and Topical Numbing Agent Cause Facial Burns if Done Consecutive ?

Moderate chemical peel on my face,& on my eyelids/scars on Wednesday, Thursday I had my permanent eyeliner done. 1st the topical did not work at... READ MORE

Possible to Have a Chemical Peel with a Medpor Nose Implant?

Is it still possible to have a chemical peel say a medium - if you have a medpor implant? tx READ MORE

Can I do a dermaroller followed by an acid peel?

I have Brown spots and plenty of eye wrinkes. I am using 20% Mandelic acid peel on my all face (eyes included) once a week. Is it possible to have... READ MORE

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