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Chemical Peel on Neck and Chest Area

Can I get a chemical peel on my neck and chest? READ MORE

What Are the Risks of a Chemical Peel on my Chest and Arms?

I am 27 and have small freckles ALL over my chest and arms. I wear sunblock every day now but I've had them for a long time. My dermatologist... READ MORE

I Am 12 Days Post Sciton BBL to Face/neck/chest and I See NO Changes!

I expected to see some brown spots flake off, as I've read, and some change in the capillaries...I see NO difference. I am scheduled to have... READ MORE

Is There a Recommended over the Counter Peel for the Chest and Hands?

Is There a Recommended over the Counter Peel for the Chest and Hands? READ MORE

Can Chemical Peels Prevent Incoming Carbuncles?

Does Chemical Peel work in parts of the body affected by carbuncles, such as chest and back of the neck? How much does it take to finish the job... READ MORE

What kind of chemical peel would be best for my chest? (Photo)

I've gone to a dermatologist, and they did a biopsy on my chest. They said I had hyperpigmentation. I tried expensive bleach creams,... READ MORE

What type of chemical peel for sun damage on body? (Photo)

I have blotchy sun spotted skin on body I would like to get rid of.. On my shoulders,chest,hands and arms.. Is a chemical peel my only option? Any... READ MORE

Deep chemical peels on fibrous tissue on face, shoulders and chest from a picking disorder as a result of mental problems(Photo)

Scars mostly around 1/4", hundreds. The first time I went to a dermatologist I was told there was nothing they could do so I suggested a tattoo which... READ MORE

Chemical peel for neck and chest. Is there an over the counter one that's mild enough but effective?

I have one a month on face. Is there an over the counter one that's mild enough but effective? If so, a name and % of type would be great to know. READ MORE

26 y/o female, showing signs of aging on neck and chest from years of tanning beds and sunbathing

Hi, just wondering what the best intervention is for my neck (lower throat) and chest, as i am getting more and more deeper creases that aren't... READ MORE

Laser chemical peel and neck, what would be my best option? (Photos)

I am really trying to make wise decisions. I am 51. My face was my best asset. Narrowing in on things that really bother me. What can be done for neck... READ MORE

Professional advice on different chemical body peels and other body treatments for glowing skin?

I'd like something to use on my legs,neck and upper chest and some professional insight and recommendations on the different types of body peels there... READ MORE

Can I safely use a 40% glycolic acid peel on my neck and chest to lighten dark spots/blemishes from acne and ingrown hairs?

I've attached pictures to show primary areas of concern, the most imperative being those spots on my chest, above breats which are a result of... READ MORE

What peel could i use at home for these? i lost my insurance through work from the new changes

My scars came about around 2011 my acne is bad spreading on my back and chest leaving scars even my face but these are worst. Please help i am 23 and... READ MORE

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