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Acne and Whiteheads from Chemical Peel?

I got acne spots and whiteheads after I had a 7% TCA and 2 % Salicylic chemical peel for pigmented scars. Were these caused by the chemical peel? They... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Lose Skin Elasticity from Too Many Chemical Peels and Laser Treatments?

Can a loss of skin elasticity and deeper nasolabial folds be a result of too many chemical peels and laser treatments? I had a series of glycolic... READ MORE

Chemical Peel 3 Weeks Ago, Started Using Foundation and Woke up With Swelling Around Face?

Had a Deep Chemical Peel 3 Weeks Ago New York Plastic Surgeon Who Has a Great Reputation.started Using Foundation, woke up friday with swelling around... READ MORE

Can a Chemical Peel and Topical Numbing Agent Cause Facial Burns if Done Consecutive ?

Moderate chemical peel on my face,& on my eyelids/scars on Wednesday, Thursday I had my permanent eyeliner done. 1st the topical did not work at... READ MORE

1 Yr Post Macs Lift and Now I Have Orange Peel Look. What Can I Do?

1 yr had extended macs lift and chemical peel.i dont know what caused it but my skin has lines and looks like large pores all over.what can i do for... READ MORE

PCA Peels for pigmentation caused by acnes?

Hi. I was wondering if PCA peels will treat pigmentation caused by acnes? And are PCA peels medium depth peals? Will the outer layer of my skin peel... READ MORE

Why do I have sagging and wrinkles after light chemical peel 3 days ago?

Now have sagging and wrinkles on side of mouth going down to chin. Also more dark spots have appeared. READ MORE

I'm getting no results from a chemical peel I had three days ago. Is it because I've been diffusing essential oils?

This is my 7th peel and usually by now my face is tight and discolored! It usually burns when chemical is applied. I've been diffusing essential oils... READ MORE

What could've caused the reaction and what can I use to hydrate my skin to get rid of dead skin and moisture my face?

A few weeks ago I went to the dermatologist and I have decided to receive a chemical peal. I got 20% chemical peel. I was told that the peel would... READ MORE

Does peeling and sotret cause breakouts and how long?

I am 24 year old female recently suffering from acne prob my doc suggested me sotret and I had 2 session of mild peeling but it is causing me more... READ MORE

Can chemical peels cause moles/tiny raises bumps? (Photo)

I had a bad chemical peel experience and I had a few spots of first degree burns which have since healed up (left some discolouration). I have noticed... READ MORE

Do chemical peels cause brushing or temporary darkening of the skin? (Photo)

I got a chemical peel on my back 15 percent and when I got it my skin automically got darker in one area. I went back for a 2 week evualation and the... READ MORE

Are my facial chemical peels causing me to breakout on my body?

I just started using facial chemical peels and while my face looks fabulous I am breaking out in red spots all over my back and upper arms and they... READ MORE

Dark patches with uneven skin tone after derma peeling 5 years ago? What caused it? (Photo)

Hi, I am Indian male living in EU. I had derma-peeling treatment for my acne at Feb 2009 in India. Since then my skin became more dark with uneven... READ MORE

Chemical peel left scratch like marks that are deep wounds now. Please help. What could have caused this?

This isn't my first chemical peel. When I walked into the office my skin looked fine. During the peel a mark on my left cheek came up that looked like... READ MORE

what is the cause of hyperpigmentation or jut normal?

I used a chemical peel lotion for 3 days straight. after 3 days my skin starts to peel off but after 2 days of peeling my skin turned dark and flaky.... READ MORE

How can I determine whether it's a burn or not ? Caused by a peel at the doctor's office (Photo)

If its a burn what should i do in order not to leave a scar? And what is the instructions i should follow? Will take too long time? The dr said after... READ MORE

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