Brown Spots + Chemical Peel

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Best Chemical Peel for Sun Damage

I'm concerned about how to get rid of sun damage and dark brown spots on my face. I'm 37, caucasian and have medium skin pigment and tone. Can you... READ MORE

Dark Scars After Chemical Peel

I originally went to the doctor for acne treatment, but while there, I explained her that I'm going on vacation in June, and I would like to go with a... READ MORE

Is Hyperpigmentation After Chemical Peel Common?

After 4 weeks from a medium Chemical Peel, I'm starting to get large brownish, grayish spots all over my face. I've done everything including using... READ MORE

Skin Medica Chemical Peels?

Hi Have had the medium Skin medical Peel done - then two weeks later the deepest Skin Medica Chemical Peel Performed to get rid of some brown patches... READ MORE

Brown Spots After Medium Chemical Peel

I had a medium Chemical Peel done 8 weeks ago, but I went out 10 days after the peel with sunblock and since then I have some red/brownish spots and... READ MORE

Post Chemical Peel Left Crusty Brown Spots (Resemble Burn Marks), is It Normal?

I did a 70% lactic acid peel, left it one for about 8 mins, after few hours, I developed crusty brown spots that look like burn marks, is it normal?... READ MORE

Best Peels for Brown Spots and Small Seborrheic Keratoses?

I am 60 years old and I have fair skin with brown spots on cheeks and forehead, plus scattered small keratoses that are flesh-to-brown colored, with a... READ MORE

Which Chemical Peel is Best for Dark Brown and Red Marks on Face from Acne, TCA or Glycolic?

I have never undergone a chemical peel treatment and im planning to have one this month. should i go for tca or glycolic peeling? i have dark brown... READ MORE

How Many Peels Needed for Clearer Complexion for African Americans?

I'm an African American woman with brown spots, due to acne and hormonal changes from hysterectomy, and facial hair. How many peeling treatments will... READ MORE

Was Vitalize peel too strong for my sensitive skin? (photo)

My dermatologist recomended the procedure of the vitalize peel for some brown spots I have and gave me the PCA post procedure kit but somehow when I... READ MORE

Brown Spots on Forehead After 30% at Home Chemical Peel?

A month after I gave myself a chemical peel I went out in the sun with 30 spf on. Within 2 days brown spots appeared on my forehead. I went to a local... READ MORE

I Had a 35% Salicylic and 30% Glycolic Peel, 3 of my Dark Spots Bled and I Can See How I Lost a Layer of my Skin, Normal?

I had yesterday at the spa a 35% salicylic peel, left it for 10 min, and right after a 30% glycolic peel. I had before 4 salicylic peel(10% 15%, 20%,... READ MORE

I Have Angular Cheilitis but Only Dark Brown Spots and Fine Paper Cuts, What Can I Do? (photo)

I have a mild version of angular cheilitis or irritant contact dermatitis due to saliva. No peeling no bleeding only burning sensation. It is simply... READ MORE

How Do I Get Read of the Brown Color After the Peeling Process?

I got a 25% chemical peel on may knee trying to remove a scar. After the peeling process i was left with a light brown color around that scarr. How do... READ MORE

Will This Improve with a Chemical Peel? (photo)

I have this brown spots aftee using a cream i already have a derms appoiment for feb 19 but i wanna know if a chemical peel will improve this im 15 :(... READ MORE

What are the brown patches from my chemical peel?

I recently did a diy chemical peel. I have had it done by an esthetican in the past..I used mandelic acid from MUAC however the active ingredient says... READ MORE

About a Chemical Peel?

So I did a chemical peel called kavi salcystic acid 20 percent at home. I didn't have any problems. It finished peeling and I still have brown spots... READ MORE

What are these brown patches I got after an acne peel from two days ago? (photos)

I just got an acne peel two days ago from an esthetician who did a refinity acne peel for sensitive skin. However the day after the peel I noticed I... READ MORE

What are your thoughts on The Perfect Peel?

I'm seriously considering The Perfect Peel. What are your thoughts on it? Would you suggest it? What are the cons to having this done? Is there a... READ MORE

Scars After Chemical Peeling is Normal?

I had gone to the dermat for pigmebtation treatmemt n he did chemical peelin on my skin by burning those areas.. n nw its been mre than 20 days..... READ MORE

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