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Can I Perform Chemical Peeling on My Back for Severe Pigmentation?

I consulted a cosmetics clinic after suffering from acne scars and old acne spots. after performing fractional laser on my whole back caused severe... READ MORE

Chemical Peel Advice for Back Acne Marks?

I have a lot of brown and purple/red marks on my back from acne and I would really like to get rid of them and am contemplating doing a TCA peel at... READ MORE

Safe peel. Which is the best peel that I can use at home safely to get quick results?

Am having dark skin around my lips and neck and dark circles also.there are many blemishes back acne on my back which is the best peel that I can use... READ MORE

Can Chemical Peels Be Performed on Backs and Arms of African Americans?

I am an african american femail who has hyperpigmentation for more than 10 years. No medication has worked and I would like to know if chemical peels... READ MORE

Which chemical peel is better for dark patches on my back? (photo)

I have dark patches on my back which looks ugly. My skin color is wheatish. I want to use chemical peels to get rid of it. Which one would you... READ MORE

Which chemical peel is best to remove acne scars on the back?

Hello , I am in the process to remove acne scars off my back. I have been doing this for 8 months and have seen great results . I started off doing... READ MORE

How can I remove this dark spot from the back of my body? (Photo)

I cannot remove my clothes during we have swimming coz of my dirty back body can u pls help me tanx READ MORE

Is It Risky to Have a Chemical Peel Done on a Keloid That Was Flattened from a Steroid Injection?

I have some mild hypertrophic scarring on my back from picking acne in my youth. I developed a single keloid, which I later had flattened with a... READ MORE

Back Acne PIH. Glycolic or TCA Peel? (photos)

Hi, I struggled with acne since I was 13 and now I'm 20. I believe I have Post Inflammatory hyperpigmentation from the old acne and I'm ready to get... READ MORE

Can I get a chemical peel for acne scars on my back?

I have dark, flat acne scars all over my back. Is it possible to get a chemical peel to remove these scars, and how many treatments/how long would it... READ MORE

Would a chemical peel get rid of the large dark itchy spot on my back? (Photo)

I noticed it about a month ago , went to see a dermatologist,he prescribed Cordran 0.05% . I am 54 year old female , is this hereditary ? It is... READ MORE

Would a chemical peel remove this damage? (Photos)

I'm 20 and have been dealing with bad skin since I was 10. I've had really bad acne, and now I'm left with hyperpigmentation on my face, neck, chest,... READ MORE

Get rid of back acne dark spots with best chemical peel?

Hello, i want to know please what acid (tca, glycolic,lactic.....) or combination of acids i should use to get best results for getting rid of old... READ MORE

My skin color is not even after chemical peeling for the body

Hello my skin color is not even , some parts are darker than other so i did chemical peeling for all my body . all the areas peeled except my back and... READ MORE

Can I use hydroquinone 3% right after a Chemical peel?

I had a Jessner plus TCA 30% chemical peel done on my back. I see most after peel care guides say to wait until skin has peeled to continue using... READ MORE

What peel could i use at home for these? i lost my insurance through work from the new changes

My scars came about around 2011 my acne is bad spreading on my back and chest leaving scars even my face but these are worst. Please help i am 23 and... READ MORE

Hands, feet and back are very badly sun damaged whereas other areas are fair. Will a chemical peel work>

Will a chemical peel work in making my skin fair again and in removing dark elbows and knees READ MORE

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