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Best Chemical Peel At Home

There are many facial peels advertised and i wonder why these arent just as good as going to a facialist or spa. If you recommend home peels, what... READ MORE

What is the Best "at Home" Chemical Peel?

I don't mean those risky peels people buy on Ebay. But what is the strongest over the counter/reputable chemical peel you can purchase? Something... READ MORE

My Underarms Started Peeling off and Became Very Red After Application of Green Peeling Oil from a Local Store? (photo)

Is it normal that it became like this? its very itchy, very red and shiny at the same time after it started to peeled off. due to itchiness i tried to... READ MORE

I Gave Myself a 70% Chemical Peel on Saturday, I Think I May Have Used too Much on my Skin

I gave myself a 70% chemical peel on Sat. I think I may have used too much not knowing if I put enough on. then, I let it sit for 4 mins. now my skin... READ MORE

Is It Normal for my Face to Be Brown in Areas After Chemical Peel? (photo)

I did a home peel months ago. Started with 10% and nothing happened. No redness or peeling at all. Few weeks later I did 20% with the same results.... READ MORE

Is My Face Suppose To Have Dry Patches 2 Days After Skin Peel?

I used a skin peel called a fusion peel from My face is patchy dry in areas and it seems like the moisturizer is not cutting it, it is... READ MORE

Medium Depth Facial Peels: TCA 25% Vs. Glycolic 60%

Recently experimenting with at-home facial peels & pleased with the results. My skin hardly flakes with Glycolic 30%; I've been able to go up... READ MORE

At Home Chemical Peel Risks?

I am wanting to have a chemical peel for minor facial blemishes and discoloration beneth the eye. Are you able to purchase Chemical Peel products for... READ MORE

Options for At-home Peel for Sun Spots?

I am 40 yrs old, fair to medium skin. I have many sunspots across my face (baked on Florida beaches for years). It is the worst on my left cheek bone... READ MORE

Panic - A Home Peel Disaster Using Multiple Peels and Thus Severe Red Lumps?

Did two peels within an hour gap. Yes, I'm a greedy idiot at times who thinks the more the better. Some quick details, and there's a pic too:... READ MORE

At Home Chemical Peel - Effective?

Neastrata offers an over the counter "Skin Renewel Peel" that has 10% glycolic acid and 10% gluconolactone. It's not a cream or lotion... READ MORE

What Precautions to Take for Safe At-home Chemical Peeling?

I want peel off my skin at home because of very expensive at market. So please suggest what I can do for a safe peel? READ MORE

At-home Chemical Peel Regimen for Oily Skin?

I have acne prone skin and I've tried everything that my dermatologist has given me, from antibiotics and four different skin regiments. The only... READ MORE

How Do I Heal the Result of my "At Home" Chemical Peel? (photo)

On Sunday I received Jessner's Peel and 30% Salicylic Acid. After the application, I was still frosted really bad and I was starting to bruise within... READ MORE

Will I Ever Get a Clear Complexion? Post Peel Nightmare. (photo)

I did 7 55% LA Peels at home waited a week then did a 3 layer Fusion Peel from and its been a week since l did it and my skin has peeled... READ MORE

Can the side effects of TCA be permanent?

This tca peel was done by me, at home, not by a doctor! under 15%. Can a tca peel done "improperly" at "home" cause hair loss and... READ MORE

Discoloration After At-home Chemical Peel

So i did this CP at home on my face, everything came out good except one of my cheeks has been broguht to a brighter color and turns pinkish sometimes... READ MORE

How long will it take to get rid of my acne scars using chemical peeling at home? (photos)

I was on Accutane for about 9 months because I had pretty severe acne. All my acne cleared up perfectly, but now I am left with atrophic scars on my... READ MORE

What is the Best Way to Neutralize a Light Peel? I Tried One At-Home.

I am a new Esthetician. I was taught in my school to use water or toner to neutralize a light peel. My peels are glycolic 30 and lactic 40. I was told... READ MORE

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