AHA + Chemical Peel

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Chemical Peel - How Many Layers of Skin Are Removed?

How many layers of the skin are removed when you have a 20% TCA chemical peel? What if you are using a AHA in combination with the TCA? Is this going... READ MORE

Is It Necessary to Repeat AHA Chemical Peeling 4 Times?

I've done an AHA peeling on my face.MY physician ask me to repeat it 4 times.But I don't want though.It's so annoying until recovery.I... READ MORE

What's a Good Alpha-Beta Peel For Acne and To Improve Skin Tone?

I want to get a professional Alpha-Beta peel to clear acne and improve skin-tone. What brands of AHA-BHA peel provide good results and in what... READ MORE

Would a Light AHA Peel Be the Safest for Brown Skin?

And are there any differences, being a male, vs. female skin in the results? READ MORE

Can Shallow Skin Indentations Be Completely Erased with a Chemical Peel?

This past winter I developed many shallow skin indentations on my cheeks. They are not very deep (maybe only 2 or 3 skin layers deep) and can really... READ MORE

I have done a 15 AHA home peel and I have scabs on my face, can I do diamond peel? (photos)

I just did a neostrata home peel, but I have no reaction towards to home peel. However I am going to do diamond peeling (with pricking) the day after... READ MORE

Mixing AHA with ascorbic acid and aczone.

An article says don’t mix AHA with VIT C because it will increase redness and peeling. is this true? Another article says AHA and Vit. C t... READ MORE

Can you please tell me about osaine sea care AHA peeling liquid?

How I have to apply the osaine sea care AHA peeling liquid..how much quantity is needed for peeling as I have many deep and open pores and scars and... READ MORE

I would like to do an AHA peel on my aged hands. If this is appropriate, how often should I do it?

How often should I do it without thinning the skin, or would I be better with Retin A gel? READ MORE

Remove Acne scar With Chemical Peeling

Hi.i Have Acne oscars on my Skin Face.. i Want to use of chemical peeling like Retin-a Aha or Other...please Prescribe chemical Compounds For Peeling...Ty READ MORE

Will this photodamage or whatever it is go away?

I have a chemical burn from using an over the counter mini peel 6% AHA. I used a ton of sunscreen and sunglasses and a hat for days after treatment,... READ MORE

Can you apply a different type of chemical peel on top of each other?

Eh: AHA peel than BHA like glycolic acid peel then salicyclic acid peel. READ MORE

What should I do about the brown/ red spots after mixing Epiduo and AHA? (photos)

The other night I believe that I accidentally burned my skin! I was using Epiduo in the morning then I did a AHA peel in the night and the areas... READ MORE

Dark patches under eyes after skin peel treatment, what can I do to get rid of it? (photos)

Hi, I have dark patches under my eyes. I got it checked with local dermatologist and she gave skin peel treatment. First time it seemed to work a bit... READ MORE

Any clinical evidence acid peels (AHA, BHA) help to expedite shrinkage of thick skin? Other safe, minimally invasive options?

Over 2 yrs post-op, primary rhinoplasty. Thick skin (combined w fact dorsum taken down & nose was shortened by a LOT... bad news), skin still does... READ MORE

Can Rexsol 10 Aha Peels for a Month 30 Mins Daily Cause More Face Wrinkles? (photo)

I initially used it to reduce sudden smile line on my left cheek but my face got worse and my smile and frown lines(bumps) became more obvious and my... READ MORE

Does AHA Peel Work for Open Pores?

I had pimple from 4 to 5 years it has become less but open pores remained on my face ,i had taken 5 sitting microdermabrassion,2 sitting fractional... READ MORE

Is discoloration which is caused by BHA/AHA peel permanent in nature?

I had recently exfoliated my skin with 20% 40% BHA/AHA peel, however, a few days later I noticed that the skin on my inner thighs had become slightly... READ MORE

What happens if i only go for one milk peel or mask peel or AHA peel ,is one chemical peel enough to get rid of spots?

I have light dark spots on my forehead and area around my nose .Am an 18 year old black girl , light brown in complexion . READ MORE

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