1 Week Post-op + Chemical Peel

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Are Itchy Red Spots After a Light Chemical Peel Normal?

I had a light chemical peel done 5 days ago for light acne and acne marks. I still have some peeling but the peeling and dryness are significantly... READ MORE

Redness and Dryness After Chemical Peel?

I got a glycolic 50% chemical peel about 8 days ago and there is still redness and dryness on my face what should i do?? READ MORE

Is This Hypopigmentation 5 Days After Chemical Peel? What Can Be Done? (photo)

I had a chemical peel 5 days ago here in Los Angeles. Glycolic Peel, and n one area I have a light spot which I believe to be hypopigmentation, it... READ MORE

Corners of Lips Got Chemically Peeled Now Its Much Lighter from Rest of the Lips. What Can I Do? (photo)

I had superficial chemical peel on my face a week ago by a dermatologist. But during the procedure i got both corners of my lips peeled as well. And... READ MORE

Post Chemical Peel Problems. What Should I Do?

I had my first chemical peel 9 days ago at a dr's office. I experienced painful burning during the procedure but was told this was normal. Several... READ MORE

Had a chemical Peel yesterday, I am very raw & my skin is hardening. How can I speed up the healing process? (photo)

I went to my dermatologist last wk & gave me gels to put on night & morning. I used the gels a few days prior to my peel. The gels made my skin dry &... READ MORE

How long before the final results of Melanage Peel?

It's been 7 days since my first Mini Melanage Peel. My skin was peeling the most yesterday and today a lot of the peeling is gone. I'm using the... READ MORE

Will Results Differ Because I Exfoliated Myself? (photo)

This week, chemical peel to face by MD.Day 4 splotchy dark tight skin, by evening-4 1/2 days- dead skin showing, peeled off long strips.A.M. sloughed... READ MORE

Red burn marks and small dark red/brown dots after lactic acid peel. Is it normal? Will they fade eventually?

I had my first 40% lactic acid peel 5 days ago and I still have some red burn patches left. Is it normal to still have burn marks 5 days after the... READ MORE

is my face burned permanently from this chemical peel I had over a week ago?

I had a chemical peel done about week ago on my face. I was told it would only take 2-4 days to completely peel (it was light). Its been a little over... READ MORE

1 week post op Chemical Peel (salicylic acid), had burnt marks & later it got cured. Now I have dark skin tone. Any suggestion?

The treatment was for my acne in my face. The places like between lower lips and chin, nose ends have a dark skin tone. These are the areas i felt... READ MORE

I got a pyruvic acid peel about a week ago, immediately after the peel I started getting water boils all over face? (Photos)

Fast forward a week later boils went down, skin turned very dark and brown and then peeled but now I have huge craters, very rough and flaky skin,... READ MORE

When will my cheeks and jaw bone area start to peel?

So I'm on day 5 of my peel. the only thing that has peeled so far are my nose, mouth area and a little around brow area. When will my cheeks, forehead... READ MORE

My Skin Didn't Change After the Chemical Peel is That Possible? When Can I Wax my Face or Use the Blonder?

Hello I did the chemical peel 7 days ago, today almost all the skin fall down but my skin didnt change! I didt for dark spots the are still there, is... READ MORE

I Had Mesopeel Today is 5th Day Still No Peel or Glow, Why?

I had meso peel today is 5th day still no peeling or flakes and glow also when I will get the effect READ MORE

I had a Skin Medica Vitalize Peel 5 days ago and my chin feels like it went south. Need advice/help! (Photo)

I had a Skin Medica Vitalize Peel 5 days ago and my chin feels like it went south. It peeled once already and now it's cracking and discolored, raw,... READ MORE

I had a hetter peel 6 days ago and I'm a long way from peeling? (photo)

My skin is like sandpaper and my nose is smooth-never peeled? READ MORE

After using 50% acid on my face, it did not do anything apart from a small stinging sensation? No peel, just redness!

Applied peel 7 days ago, left it for a few minutes, it did sting and went red, used neutraliser but nothing happened after no flakey skin no frosting,... READ MORE

Delayed redness after Chemical peel. Why the delay in redness ? Is that concerning?

I had a mild chemical peel a week ago. I peeled some for a few days. Two days ago my neck turned red and burns. My neck is still that way and my face... READ MORE

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