1 Day Post-op + Chemical Peel

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What Kind of Facial Wash & Lotion Should I Use After a Chemical Peel?

I had a chemical peel yesterday and I know my face should exfoliate. What kind of facial wash would be appropriate? What about lotions afterwards? Do... READ MORE

Glycolic Acid Peel Gone Wrong? My Face is Absolutely Horrible. Help? (Photo)

I had a 40% Glycolic Acid Peel done last night (2 days prior she did dermaplaning). The chemical peel was left on for 3-4 minutes and burned so bad.... READ MORE

Red and Slightly Burnt After a Lactic Acid Peel, What Can I Do?

Just had a lactic acid peel which burnt my cheek a little. My skin is very red day after a peel . The ethestician asked me to keep it moist and apply... READ MORE

Is It Normal for my Face to Be Brown in Areas After Chemical Peel? (photo)

I did a home peel months ago. Started with 10% and nothing happened. No redness or peeling at all. Few weeks later I did 20% with the same results.... READ MORE

1 day post op of Chemical Peel, my facial skin is inflamed, red bumps, swollen, and painful. Is this normal? (photos)

Yesterday I tried a facial peel off mask, and now my face is inflamed, red sores like bumps, right eye is swollen shut and it hurts extremely bad... READ MORE

How Long Will Swelling Last After Vitamin A Plus Peptides Peel?

Had a Vitamin A plus peptides peel Thursday evening. Broke out in a rash Friday Afternoon only to wake up with an extremely swollen face, Is this... READ MORE

Burns from a chemical peel followed by microdermabrasion? What should I do? (photos)

I had a light chemical peel followed by a micro dermabrasion yesterday.This morning my skin peeled in 6 spots that she went hard on. It red and raw... READ MORE

What's the best remedy for early peeled skin? (Photo)

I had a chemical peel yesterday. I peeled my skin today and it's way too early. Now it's all red and burning. I don't know what to do. Please help! READ MORE

Brown pigmentation on my skin after chemical peeling to my face!

I had a chemical peel one day ago ,, at first my face turned red and a little bit swollen ,, but today i woke up with brown pigmentation on my skin !... READ MORE

Question about spots on face after Glycolic peel. (photos)

I got a chemical peel yesterday. It stuns a bit and I also deleveopled a bit of frost . This morning I woke up and my spots got darker. Is this normal ? READ MORE

Acid burn after Lactic Acid 50% (photo)

I use the Lactic acid 50% last night but it causes me really really awful sunburns. The big one is kind of bleeding, I feel awful and wanna hind... READ MORE

41; had a mild chemical peel & microdermabrasion yesterday at one of the best dermatology centers. Will these flake off? (Photo)

I did this to prepare for a series of micropen treatments. My face yesterday had terrible red and raw patches all over it. Now they are like brown... READ MORE

Should my face show signs of peeling 34 hours post chemical peel? (Photo)

I received a chemical peel about 34 hours Ago at a medical spa close To my home. I received a few about 2 years ago at another clinic and would always... READ MORE

What if I didn't use neutraliser after applying 20% glycolic acid?

Yesterday i applied a 20% glycolic acid on my face and neck. As per the instructions i even made a baking soda and water sol.but after 4-5 min. Of... READ MORE

Burns/Scarring after Salicylic Acid peel 30%? (Photos)

I has a chemical peel yesterday at home - salicylic acid peel 30%. Last session I had was last week . But this time my face is all scarred. Is it some... READ MORE

How do I treat pink raw spot without intervening with my chemical peel? (photos)

I had a chemical peel done HOURS ago and I guess when my dermatologist was degreasing my skin she may have scrubbed a little too hard and caused some... READ MORE

Is it going to scar or become dark spot? Why does it feel tingly like sunburn after chemical peel? (Photo)

Is it going to scar ? Or be a dark spot ? I got a advanced corrective PEEL yesterday my face felt hot esthetician told me it was normal now my face... READ MORE

Itching and small skin colored welps after mild peel, is this normal?

Yesterday, I got a mild chemical peel (retinol A) on my face. Today, my face is itching and feels like it is burning, and I feel small skin colored... READ MORE

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