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Cheek Filler or Mid Face Lift?

I am 31 years old. I have extremely hollow flat cheeks, hollow eyes, and now pre jowls and lots of new lines forming and dents on chin. My skin is... READ MORE

Best Options for Jowl Reduction for a 32 Yr Old Female

I have a slight double chin and obvious jowls. The jowl on my left is visibly larger than on my right. Oddly, I'm quite thin and have been so all... READ MORE

Options for Raising Drooping Cheeks?

I would like to have something done to raise my cheeks. i am only 22 but with genetics I have drooping cheeks like my dad and my brother. I had buccal... READ MORE

Is There a Way to Lift the Cheeks Vertically Rather Than Horizontally?

I've noticed that in most people 25 and younger, they have less space between the apple of their cheeks and their under-eye area, creating a... READ MORE

I Feel Like I'm Too Young For My Cheeks To Sag? (photo)

My face literally has no shape. At first my cheeks were very very loose,and flabby. But after some medication, my cheeks became much more tight, but... READ MORE

My cheeks protrude too far out when I smile. What can be done to reduce the size of my cheeks? (Photo)

My cheeks seem to protrude too far out when I smile and even when I'm not smiling. I've messed with plastic surgery simulators and I see that my face... READ MORE

Cheek Lift Options (photos)

For many years I've been loving my big cheeks "the baby face". I know how life's' anatomy works. I'm getting older (28 years) and slowly the picture... READ MORE

Endoscopic Mid Facelift Gone Wrong, Can it be Fixed?

I got a mid facelift a few days ago by a famous PS in NYC. I am 22 years old but had loose skin a very slight sagging of my cheeks. PS said that a mid... READ MORE

35 with Hollow Eyes, Deepening Nasolabial Folds and Cheek Droop. What Are my Best Options? (photo)

I've always been on the skinny side, however ever since I turned 30 I've began to notice my nasolabial folds getting deeper. Now I'm also seeing a... READ MORE

After Three Dental Surgeries and Bruxism, How Can I Fix my Jowels?

I have had a recurring cyst removal above my canine, and a molar cut out on the lower right side of my face, and recently discovered that I have... READ MORE

Permanent Teatment for Malar Bags?

Male, 33. I've always had malar bags and I am wondering what permanent treatments might be available to reduce their appearance. Of course, the... READ MORE

Can You Lift Cheeks Vertically and Attach Them to Lower Lids?

I am 25 and have lost elasticity and fat in my cheeks. When I lift my cheeks up with my fingers to my lower eyeslids, I find I look like myself before... READ MORE

Mid-face volume loss and sagging... In my 20s! (Photo)

Starting in my mid 20s, I noticed that I was losing volume in my mid face area. At 29 now, my cheeks now rest around my nose, creating a flat... READ MORE

Malar Bags Due to Stretching of Facial Skin, How Can I Get Rid of Them?

My face got stretched during a massage and resulted in me getting malar bags across my cheeks. I am only 24 and this is such a dramatic change in the... READ MORE

Sagging/Jowls at 25? (Photo)

This might be a bit of a stupid question but this has been driving me insane recently, I feel like I am developing slight sagging/jowls, on the left... READ MORE

Solutions to sagging and/or overly full cheeks on an early 30s male? (Photo)

I feel my cheeks look feminine, I've been told that this could be sagging as a result of previous surgery, others have told me its not sagging but... READ MORE

What procedure can lift lateral cheek and correct hollow lower eyelid?

Can mini facelift, lift my cheeks and correct tear through or have to be a cheek lift ? thanks in advance READ MORE

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