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I have protruding lower cheeks and hollow mid face. What treatment would you recommend? (photos)

I have protruding lower cheeks and hollow midface, would it be possible to rebalance face as roughly shown in those pics? I'm 27 years old, height... READ MORE

Fillers or surgery? What is the best option?

Had endoscopic midface 5 months ago. I barely see any change. Very disappointed with the hollow gaunt look/sagging skin on lower face that remained.... READ MORE

Saggy cheeks. What should I do? cheek lift? liposuction? (photos)

Hi there doctors, I’m 22 yrs old and would really like to get this situation corrected. My cheeks are too saggy for my liking. I’m only seeing a boa... READ MORE

Downsides to having a mid face lift (or cheek lift) under the age of 30?

I'm 25 and seriously considering a cheek lift as I have genetically droopy cheeks that really bother me. Are there any downsides to performing this... READ MORE

Surgery to permanently reduce my cheekbones?

I have big wide prominent cheekbones and I feel they dominate my face making my mid portion of my face very big. I'd like a permenant surgery to... READ MORE

Options for sagging midface/cheeks? 19 years old (Photo)

I'm 19 years old and recently have noticed the sagging of my midface/cheeks and I am trying to look for options on how to make my face appear younger.... READ MORE

I'm a 27 year-old male considering a mid face lift (cheek lift) due to loss of elasticity and thus sagging of the cheeks? Risks?

It's not extreme but it's enough to make me feel disappointed with my overall appearance. My question is, is it possible to due a lift with sutures?... READ MORE

For the doctors who state that a midface or cheeklift surgery doesn't last, why is this?

For the doctors who state that midface or cheeklift surgery via through the lower eyelids don't last, why is this? If cheek is attached in the fibrous... READ MORE

Mid face/cheek lift; Can Endotine/Subperiostial Vertical Midface Lift be done if Malar Implant is placed on bone?

Can endotine / subperiostial vertical midface lift be done if malar implant in place on bone? Or better to get one before the other? Also can midface... READ MORE

Which surgical procedure could correct deep tear troughs and sagging cheeks?

Am looking for a mid-face lift to remove deep tear trough and sagging cheeks. Fillers haven't worked and I would really love a perminent solution! READ MORE

Cheek lift / lower face lift. Are there any good surgeons in Melbourne, AU?

I have very strong smile lines for my age , and fillers don't work on filling out the lines. I'm from Australians and my surgeon is very conservative... READ MORE

Midface/cheek lift in late twenties (lower eyelid & cheek bones showing), how can I find a doctor?

I had droopy cheeks since at least 20 but got worse every year & now I look deformed, it looks like my face has fallen down from lower eyelid & cheek... READ MORE

Looking for a Plastic Surgeon that knows how to perform the "Mid Face Lift" Or Cheek lift, Via the inside of the mouth (Photo)

I had a mid facelift, via inside of the mouth. (Surgeon retired now). In 2009, a little revision to refresh it. 2015, SMAS facelift. lower lid bleph... READ MORE

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