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Can Cheek Lift Pull the Lower Eyelid Down?

I read on some of your post where a cheeklift could be use to tighten lower lids. Then I read it could pull the lower lid down. I am wanting to get... READ MORE

Will Cheek Lift Improve Hollow Lower Eyelids ?

I had an aggressive lower blepharoplasty with excessive fat removal. I am now considering a Lower face lift/Neck lift and the surgeon wants to raise... READ MORE

Cheek Lift/Lower Bleph: Stitch in Medial Corner/droop in One Spot

I had lower transcutaneous bleph on both eyes and cheek lift thru temple/mouth incisions 8 weeks ago. its been misery! i noticed the doc put a stitch... READ MORE

How Safe is a Cheek Lift for Eyelid Correction?

The plastic surgeon advised me to get a cheek lift procedure to fix my upper and lower eyelids. Is it a safe option? If not, what would the best... READ MORE

What procedure can lift lateral cheek and correct hollow lower eyelid?

Can mini facelift, lift my cheeks and correct tear through or have to be a cheek lift ? thanks in advance READ MORE

Is the best way of lifting cheeks to do it vertically through lower lids?

2.5 years ago i had an aggressive lower lid bleph by an ocular surgeon who removed all my fat.( believe it or not) now my cheeks seemed like they fell... READ MORE

Afraid to get cheeklift that has incisions in lower eyelid?

I can't even put eyedrops in, so I'm really scared of getting this cheeklift, but I'm afraid that getting a cheeklift with an incision through the... READ MORE

What's the downtime for cheek lift to correct ectropion and revise incisions from lower bleph that are 4 to 5mm from eye?

I had lower bleph simply to remove excess skin and when I woke up from surgery it was obvious the incisions were too low and couldn't be hidden with... READ MORE

Can a cheek lift help with sagging (lower) eyelids?

My eyelids have sagged over the years. Would an endotine mid face lift help? READ MORE

Minimally invasive cheek lift for undereye static wrinkles and puffiness after laser and peels didn't help/wary of lower bleph?

Ive seen one too many disaster posts about eyes changing shape after lower bleph, and the static wrinkles right under my eye are a bigger problem than... READ MORE

I have inherited eyelid lower retraction. Do I need cheek lift? I'm 24 (Photo)

Recently I have visited oculoplastic from my city.He told me that I have inherited lower eyelid retraction and I need cheek lift.I read about this... READ MORE

Should I have cheek lift and eye decompression surgery done at the same time?

I'm going to have eye decompression surgery due to Graves disease and considering cheek lift at the same time as the incision would be the same under... READ MORE

Cheek lift / lower blepharoplasty - cheek deformity and bunching (Photo)

I'm a 60 year old woman who had several cosmetic procedures done 5 years ago. Unfortunately, I have never been happy with the results of my cheek... READ MORE

Are cheeks best lifted when having lower bleph or with facelift?

Thinking of having upper and lower bleph first and facelift maybe later. However, I am concerned that may not get the best result this way as surgeon... READ MORE

Mid face as part of lower blepharoplasty?

I would like to know if this is a possible way to lift my cheeks At the same time as removing my lower eye bags I am a older lady and this has been... READ MORE

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