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What Are the Different Cheek Lift Procedures?

I'm a 35 year old female and due to early aging because of hereditary traits. I'm interested in a Cheek lift procedure. It seems from what I've read... READ MORE

Can Cheek Lift Help with Hollow Eyes?

Hello. I am 30 years old female from Turkey. My main problem is hollow eyes and sagging cheeks. Some of the Drs. advised Endoscopic Mid Face... READ MORE

Will Cheeklift or Filler in Cheek Improve Eye Hollows?

I have severe eye hollows all the way around. Can I just get filler in cheek so that it may improve my orbital rim?? Will this work? READ MORE

Will Cheek Lift Improve Hollow Lower Eyelids ?

I had an aggressive lower blepharoplasty with excessive fat removal. I am now considering a Lower face lift/Neck lift and the surgeon wants to raise... READ MORE

Droopy Cheeks, Hollow Eyes? (photo)

I am 27 years old. I have hollow flat cheeks and hollow eyes. It seems that the fat pad just dropped. I have never smoked or drink, and I eat healthy.... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Make a 30 Year Old Look in Her Mid Twenties Again?

I have noticed some hollowness under my eyes since I have turned thirty. My ear through is more visible and I have lost a lot of volume in my upper... READ MORE

Cheek Fat Has Fell Above the Nasal Fold Line and Below the Cheek Bone, How Do I Get Rid of This Bull Dog Bulge?

I would like to get rid of this fat. When I smile my cheeks are pushed up into the under eye fat. I do not like this bull dog effect when I don't... READ MORE

I have protruding lower cheeks and hollow mid face. What treatment would you recommend? (photos)

I have protruding lower cheeks and hollow midface, would it be possible to rebalance face as roughly shown in those pics? I'm 27 years old, height... READ MORE

Afraid to get cheeklift that has incisions in lower eyelid?

I can't even put eyedrops in, so I'm really scared of getting this cheeklift, but I'm afraid that getting a cheeklift with an incision through the... READ MORE

Can I redo a recent cheek lift? I look masculine & I have a hexagonal wide face!

My doctor didn't communicate about the details of surgery & now my face looks very odd 2week after cheek lift. No skin tightening or lifting has... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for a cheek lift?

I had a bad lower bleph which made my eyes look beady, eyes look like they sunk into my face and very hollow. i went to another PS who suggested a... READ MORE

Deep under eye hollows - will a cheek lift be a permanent fix for this? Or will I just have to get injections forever? (photos)

I have very deep and dark under eye hollows. My face sinks in under my eyes. Temporary fillers seem very costly in the long run, and I have gathered... READ MORE

Upper cheek lift (photos)

My under eye area is so hollow and crepey and starting to get shadows on lower cheeks from sagging skin. Very thin face tried fillers not much success... READ MORE

Any suggestions for percutaneous cheek lift?

I am 43 & of asian descent.i have virtually no wrinkles or sagging skin anywhere with the exception an area that looks slightly hollow over my... READ MORE

Cheek fat removal?

Hi, I'm a 23 year old man. I have chubby cheeks and want to get the fat removed. Is there a way I can get those hollow cheeks? What are my options... READ MORE

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