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Permanent Solution for Marionette Lines, Drooping Cheeks and Jawline?

I'm 35 and am interested in addressing my mid/lower cheek and jawline/mouth areas for droopiness. I've had a downturned mouth with slight marionette... READ MORE

Cheek Lift Procedure and Finding Experienced Surgeon?

I am 33 years old and my face is beginning to get a droopy, tired look. I always had a kind of droopy expression but now I am also getting a deep... READ MORE

Options for Raising Drooping Cheeks?

I would like to have something done to raise my cheeks. i am only 22 but with genetics I have drooping cheeks like my dad and my brother. I had buccal... READ MORE

Droopy Cheeks, Hollow Eyes? (photo)

I am 27 years old. I have hollow flat cheeks and hollow eyes. It seems that the fat pad just dropped. I have never smoked or drink, and I eat healthy.... READ MORE

Cheek Lift/Lower Bleph: Stitch in Medial Corner/droop in One Spot

I had lower transcutaneous bleph on both eyes and cheek lift thru temple/mouth incisions 8 weeks ago. its been misery! i noticed the doc put a stitch... READ MORE

35 with Hollow Eyes, Deepening Nasolabial Folds and Cheek Droop. What Are my Best Options? (photo)

I've always been on the skinny side, however ever since I turned 30 I've began to notice my nasolabial folds getting deeper. Now I'm also seeing a... READ MORE

Cheek Fat Has Fell Above the Nasal Fold Line and Below the Cheek Bone, How Do I Get Rid of This Bull Dog Bulge?

I would like to get rid of this fat. When I smile my cheeks are pushed up into the under eye fat. I do not like this bull dog effect when I don't... READ MORE

Mid-face volume loss and sagging... In my 20s! (Photo)

Starting in my mid 20s, I noticed that I was losing volume in my mid face area. At 29 now, my cheeks now rest around my nose, creating a flat... READ MORE

Downsides to having a mid face lift (or cheek lift) under the age of 30?

I'm 25 and seriously considering a cheek lift as I have genetically droopy cheeks that really bother me. Are there any downsides to performing this... READ MORE

Looking for a doctor who can perform soof/cheek lift & mini facelift on a 30 years old person, in Canada or Seattle

Due to sudden weight gain/edema & weight loss, I have left with droopy cheeks & lower eyelid, excess skin, lipoatrophy. It started at 26 & got worse... READ MORE

Can I redo a recent cheek lift? I look masculine & I have a hexagonal wide face!

My doctor didn't communicate about the details of surgery & now my face looks very odd 2week after cheek lift. No skin tightening or lifting has... READ MORE

Fat is drooping from upper cheeks to lower cheeks dramatically changing appearance. Please suggest Non-surgical/Surgical Option?

After getting subcision to improve acne scars (where the Dr aggressively cut lots of scar tissue under my skin which I now feel was actually holding... READ MORE

Should I have cheek lift and eye decompression surgery done at the same time?

I'm going to have eye decompression surgery due to Graves disease and considering cheek lift at the same time as the incision would be the same under... READ MORE

What can I do to improve my face? Would cheek lift or fat transfer help? (photos)

Want my face to look slimmer, more symmetrical, and less lines and droopiness. Had buccal fat removal done. cheeks looks like there is fat roll close... READ MORE

Midface/cheek lift in late twenties (lower eyelid & cheek bones showing), how can I find a doctor?

I had droopy cheeks since at least 20 but got worse every year & now I look deformed, it looks like my face has fallen down from lower eyelid & cheek... READ MORE

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