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Permanent Solution for Marionette Lines, Drooping Cheeks and Jawline?

I'm 35 and am interested in addressing my mid/lower cheek and jawline/mouth areas for droopiness. I've had a downturned mouth with slight marionette... READ MORE

What Are the Different Cheek Lift Procedures?

I'm a 35 year old female and due to early aging because of hereditary traits. I'm interested in a Cheek lift procedure. It seems from what I've read... READ MORE

Cheek Lift for Thinner Face and Defined Cheekbones?

I'm 20 years old and I want a cheek lift, my lower face is too round but I really like the way my face looks when I pull the skin on the side of my... READ MORE

Fleshy Saggy Cheeks At Age 30? (photo)

I just turned 30 this year, but my fleshy cheeks are sagging causing the Nasolabial fold. My doctor advised permanent filler, but i am concern about... READ MORE

Lower Eyelid Pulling Down After Cheek Lift and Eyelid Surgery

I had Cheek Lift with repositioning of my cheek fat and a Blepharoplasty 3 weeks ago. My right lower eyelid is still pulling down. I'm afraid it won't... READ MORE

Can Cheek Lift Help with Hollow Eyes?

Hello. I am 30 years old female from Turkey. My main problem is hollow eyes and sagging cheeks. Some of the Drs. advised Endoscopic Mid Face... READ MORE

Cheek Lift to Make Eye More Almond-shaped?

Can Cheek Lift elevate the corner of the eyes to make it more almond type? How does it work? READ MORE

Cheek Lift for Acne Scars?

I am a 30 year old African American female. My acne is no longer a problem. However, I have several ice pick acne scars on my cheeks. I have received... READ MORE

How Long Does Cheek Lift Results Last?

How long does a Cheek Lift last and when it starts to be pulled down by gravity how will it affect the lower eyelid. Will it pull down the lower eyelid? READ MORE

Is Cheek Lift the Same Thing As Lower Facelift?

If a Cheek lift is not the same, what does the lower facelift improve? Is the recovery as hard as a full Facelift? I'm in need of Necklift at age 42. READ MORE

Ridge Line Lump on Cheek After a Neck and Cheek Lift

I have a ridge line/lumps on my cheek after a neck and cheek lift 3 months ago. I have been told that this is the suture line and it will go away.... READ MORE

How Safe is a Cheek Lift for Eyelid Correction?

The plastic surgeon advised me to get a cheek lift procedure to fix my upper and lower eyelids. Is it a safe option? If not, what would the best... READ MORE

Perlane into Cheeks Gave Fat Cheeks, but I Wanted Only a Lift!

Had full cheeks to start with & was wanting a cheek lift, but doctor suggested getting perlane to lift. Had seen another doctor in the past re... READ MORE

I have protruding lower cheeks and hollow mid face. What treatment would you recommend? (photos)

I have protruding lower cheeks and hollow midface, would it be possible to rebalance face as roughly shown in those pics? I'm 27 years old, height... READ MORE

What Should I Get Done for my Extra Skin on my Jawline and my Terrible Cheek/smile Lines? (photo)

I am 23 and just lost 20 pounds, I have another 10 to go, and my face is just sagging so much for my age READ MORE

Cosmetic surgery necessary for young male with saggy/puffy/swollen cheeks and lines? (photo)

I am now only 27 and my puffy cheeks and droopy skin around my eyes has bugged me since I was in my late teens. It has gotten a little worse with... READ MORE

Difference between Endotine cheek lift and fat grafting?

I am young (only 20), but have sagging cheeks due to my Irish heritage giving me a long facial appearance. I have been considering fat grafting and... READ MORE

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