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Lower Eyelid Pulling Down After Cheek Lift and Eyelid Surgery

I had Cheek Lift with repositioning of my cheek fat and a Blepharoplasty 3 weeks ago. My right lower eyelid is still pulling down. I'm afraid it won't... READ MORE

Uneven Results from Cheek Lift Procedures

I had a neck, cheek and brow lift. Now, my jowls are next to the corners of my mouth. The surgeon said he Liposuctioned the saggy skin and it will... READ MORE

Baggy Skin After Mini Lift

I'm 52 years old and female. I got a mini face lift last spring and look pretty good around my neckline. I also had my lower eyelids done, which look... READ MORE

Midface Lift Complications

I suffered an extraordinary number of complications after an endoscopic subperiosteal midface lift including widespread nerve injuries and plateau... READ MORE

Nerve Damage After Cheek Lift

I had a cheek lift 6 weeks ago. I can't smile on my right side, and my right eye is very dry it stays open more then the left one I need to use eye... READ MORE

Cheek Lift/Lower Bleph: Stitch in Medial Corner/droop in One Spot

I had lower transcutaneous bleph on both eyes and cheek lift thru temple/mouth incisions 8 weeks ago. its been misery! i noticed the doc put a stitch... READ MORE

Ridge Line Lump on Cheek After a Neck and Cheek Lift

I have a ridge line/lumps on my cheek after a neck and cheek lift 3 months ago. I have been told that this is the suture line and it will go away.... READ MORE

Endoscopic Mid Facelift Gone Wrong, Can it be Fixed?

I got a mid facelift a few days ago by a famous PS in NYC. I am 22 years old but had loose skin a very slight sagging of my cheeks. PS said that a mid... READ MORE

Perlane into Cheeks Gave Fat Cheeks, but I Wanted Only a Lift!

Had full cheeks to start with & was wanting a cheek lift, but doctor suggested getting perlane to lift. Had seen another doctor in the past re... READ MORE

I Had a Mini Cheek/Neck Lift Done 5 Days Ago, Feels Like there is Fluid in my Left Ear, Normal?

Plastic surgeon said in interview that he does a SMAS Lift, although he refers to the procedure as a mini cheek/neck lift). Apparenty, the PS used a... READ MORE

What can I do? I look worse after a mid face lift and neck lift? (photo)

May 13, 2013 I had plastic surgery. Included was upper and lower eye, mid face lift and neck lift. As you can see in the after photo, I look worse in... READ MORE

What can correct the saggy, droopy lower face? (photo)

Midface lift didn't address problem area, I feel doctor ignored my concerns. 1st pic is pre-surgery, 2nd 6 weeks post op, 3rd 5 months post op. I... READ MORE

I Have Very Visible 1 Cm Scars at the Sides of Both my Eyes After Mid-face Lift Surgery. Is This Normal?

My surgeon says it is normal to perform incisions in this way, but I have researched and online the view is that ''the incisions made for the mid-face... READ MORE

Is It Possible for the Zygomatic Nerve Branch Was Injured in Midface Lift?

I am 6 weeks from midface lift suture suspension that has been removed, leaving me with a sagging right cheek (more than before procedure) and upper... READ MORE

What to Do when Suspension Stitch Come on Surface in Temple Area After Midace Lift?

2 months later after having a mid face lift I have one suspension stitch on my left temple came out . there is some degree pain and pressure that I... READ MORE

New Frown Lines Appeared After Endotine Upper Mid-face Lift? (photo)

Frown lines after endotine upper mid-face lift I had a upper mid-face lift with endotine implants with about 5-6” vertical incisions in the hair o... READ MORE

I Had a Mid Face Lift 4 Years Ago and my Smile is Not the Same? (photo)

I had a mid face lift 4 years ago and my smile is not the same. It is not as wide (or comfortable) as it used to be. the muscles READ MORE

Removing Broken Suture Suspension String?

I have a polycaproamide long term suture in my cheek that may have broke, I need to locate it for removal if it did because it looks as though it is... READ MORE

Cheeklift Nerve Damage?

One week post op, incision in temple gortex suture loop cheeklift, by board certified specialist, left side is healing very nicely, right side bruised... READ MORE

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