Wrinkles + Cheek Augmentation

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Sculptra for Deep Wrinkles and Sunken Cheeks - Best Choice?

As i age my cheeks are getting sunken in and my wrinkles are deepening. would sculptra be my best choice? or should i look at fat injection or cheek... READ MORE

Is there any way to help restore my face to the way it was?

Hi, I have at least a year or so experimenting with a lot of drugs most meth, and I quit cold turkey... Now my face looks thin,gaunt, dry and wrinkled... READ MORE

Cheek Implants Instead of Lift? For Financial Reasons.

I am turning 52 this year and feel I am ready for a mini lift or something of this nature. I have aged rather gracefully and most of my problems are... READ MORE

What can I do for a crinkly cheeks? (photos)

Ive had crowsfeet since 18 years old!!! but staved off the worst damage since my late 20s as an early adopter of botox. Now inspite of botox I have... READ MORE

Where is fat to be taken from cheeks? Is excess fat creating sad look? Should the PS pay the hospital for 2nd surgery? (Photo)

I previously indicated that there is too much fat in my cheeks. My eyes also narrow when I smile due to excess fat. I want excess the fat removed from... READ MORE

How can the sad dog lower cheek fat be removed? (photos)

Please excuse the huge double chin. It's Kybella which I got done 1 week ago. My question is about the fat on the lower cheek area. I'm 39. Are there... READ MORE

Left facial cheek implant and wrinkle reduction? (photos)

My left cheek bone is much smaller than my right giving an appearance that my face looks crooked like I had a stroke and there's a wrinkle under my... READ MORE

What type of procedure helps to define cheeks, jaw, and gets rid of wrinkle lines around mouth? (Photo)

I'm still really young (18) , but the lower half of my face is "saggy" and unattractive to me. I want to correct it, hoping that some small changes... READ MORE

I am a 57 year old thin Caucasian female with marked vertical wrinkles in my cheeks.

After a past history of having been a heavy smoker for 30 years, I appear far older than my chronological age.What is the best recourse to eradicate... READ MORE

Wrinkles in my Face?

I am 60 year old i do have 2 line or wrinkles from my eyes till my cheeks7 cm (how can i overcome that plastic surgery i mean face left or filler or... READ MORE

28/f. Why do I get wrinkly under my eyes when I smile? Would malar implants help to correct this?

Whenever I smile, I get wrinkles under my eyes that seem excessive compared to other people. I'd rather not show a photo for privacy concerns, but I... READ MORE

Would I benefit from cheek implants? (photos)

I have never had cheek definition. As I am getting older, my skin is sagging leaving nasalabial lines (and some puffy skin above them, along with... READ MORE

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