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What to Do About Loss of Volume in Cheeks?

I am a thirty eight female with lost cheek volume, what is the best treament for me? READ MORE

What Can I Do to Make my Face More Symmetrical/add Volume? (photo)

I noticed one side of my face -the right side has less volume than the other side (assymetry) and has gotten skinnier over the past couple of years.... READ MORE

Options for Adding Volume to Cheek Area?

Trying to add volume to facial cheek area. I'm 54 years old. What's your advice? READ MORE

How Can I Restore my Cheeks 10 Years After Buccal Fat Removal? (photo)

I had *bolsas de bichat* removed (I think that's Spanish for buccal fat pads) a decade ago. Now I look completely different. My face is flat and... READ MORE

What is Best for Building Up Cheek Bone Significantly? Sculptra, Radiesse or HA Filler Eg Teosyal, Perlane or Voluma?

I don't mean the whole cheek area including the mid face, I just mean the upper cheek bone and to pull the eye troughs out so they are less... READ MORE

Should I get malar or submalar cheek implants? (Photo)

I have always had a flat face and I am generally OK with that, but my cheeks now concave as I am getting older. It is more significant on my right... READ MORE

Cheek Implant Procedure: Materials/fixation/shape

After many years of pricey temporary fillers to restore lost cheek volume (fat, radiesse, juvi, sculptra-my fav), I have decided to seek a permanent... READ MORE

If not Buccal Fat Removal, then what else? (photos)

Hi! I'm in my mid 20s and ever since I was young, I was bothered by how much volume is in my cheeks. I would often life up my face to reveal the slim... READ MORE

How Can I Reduce Cheek Volume?

I am 20years old.height 6'1"".weight =61kg.i have high and pronounced cheekbones but still my cheek looks puffed.is there any way to... READ MORE

Will I be able to naturally regain volume in the cheeks if I quit smoking?

Collectively I have smoked for 10 years. off and on since I was 12. I am now 26 and Iv seen significant volume loss. Id rather not provide a picture... READ MORE

What facial surgery is recommended to help 38yr F regain volume in cheeks & define sagging cheeks yet still look natural?(Photo)

I'm 38yr female & my cheeks have lost volume & the skin around cheeks & jawline noticibly sags. I had neckplasty 3yrs ago that I love but now seem to... READ MORE

Will there be bone erosion after 5 months of midface PEEK material implant? (photos)

I had a rather big PEEK material custom implant in my whole midface. Its in the orbital region, nasal and cheeks. I think the surgeon did a good job... READ MORE

What are my options to improve nasolabial folds and cheek volume? (photos)

I am 26 years old and over the past two years I've lost volume all over my face (I don't know why). My face appears to sag, especially on the right... READ MORE

1) Malar Implants, Cheek Lift : Which one is more invasive and has more complications? 2) Does implant brand matter?

Cheek implant seems pretty uncommon, is there a reason why so? I would like to add volume to my thin face and I need your valuable advice about which... READ MORE

I'm 31 yr old - Cheek Volume Needed? (photos)

So bummed at the accumulation of droopiness appearing in my face... The last sunburn in Florida seemed to really put the icing on the cake! I want to... READ MORE

What is a good option besides cheek implants to fill sagging, and hollowness? (photos)

(I've never had cheekbones, and that would be a plus, to end up with more than I had before I started aging). Is bellafill a good option or bad idea?... READ MORE

Treatment options for what looks like malar-edema, tear trough, low cheeks? (Photo)

What treatment options would you recommend for what looks like malar-edema and/or tear trough? Do I really need my cheeks lifted? I am only 35, small... READ MORE

Should I consider cheek implants or more fillers (already use voluma)? If fillers, what kind and how much? (photos)

I am 22 and have had my cheeks filled with voluma several times over the last year. (At least 4 in each) but I'm still not seeing the results I want.... READ MORE

Negative orbital vector with under eye hollow and very little cheek volume. Which is better, fat injection or implant? (photo)

I would like to correct the negative orbital vector and to build up my cheek volume. Would fat injections or an implant be better for this? I would... READ MORE

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