Too Big + Cheek Augmentation

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Recommendation For Chubby Lower Cheeks For 25yo Female? (photo)

I hate the shape of my face. My lower cheeks are too big. I am very slim so I cannot lose anymore weight. My mother has the same face shape even... READ MORE

Should I have Implants Removed from Cheek Immediately or Give it Some Time?

I had a cheek implant which proved to be extremely large and made me look much worse than before.Should i remove them right away (7 days have passed... READ MORE

Will Cutting an Implant While Its Still Screwed in my Checks a Good Option to Reducing the Size? (photo)

I had 3mm malar cheek implants put in and im not happy with them (1 year postop, projection is to big) , i want them out. But my doctor recommended a... READ MORE

Can You Cut or Manipulate an Existing 3mm Malar Cheek Implant While Its Screwed in my Cheeks?

Im 1 year postop . Had cheeck implants put in . and I dont like the projection and size of it. its to big (3mm implants).My surgeon recomended that he... READ MORE

Cheek implant too big or just placed wrongly? (Photo)

I can see its outline through my cheek clearly. READ MORE

Is there a way to make face wider and plumper? (photos)

 I'm young but I have a very narrow face and look much older because of this I have a really narrow face that makes my forehead look huge and... READ MORE

Removal of silicone cheek implants and replacement with fat transfer.

I am considering removing cheek implants that I've had for 16 years. I feel the cheek implants are too big for my face and produce an unnatural look.... READ MORE

Will I regret getting medium malar cheek implants when im older? I'm 18 and just got them. Should I downsize for the future?

I am SO glad I have volume to my cheeks with these implants. I was so depressed before,& now I'm MUCH happier& actually feel beautiful for once.... READ MORE

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