Thin + Cheek Augmentation

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Fat Injections, Cheek Implants, Injections, Best for Thin Face?

Hi, im a 21 year old female. Im trying to find the best option to to make my cheek area appear noticeably widder, more oval like. I have a long face... READ MORE

How can I improve my mid face/ cheek area with fillers or implants? (photo)

I am quite thin (size 0) but my face is and looks very oval/long ,"chubby" cheeks.In my case being thin doesn't give me a more chiseled or contoured... READ MORE

My cheeks are becoming thin day by day and going inside. What I should do to overcome from this problem? (photo)

Give specific answer to this problem with out surgery or any other medical preservatives READ MORE

I feel as if i have a big face so I would like to make it thinner. Any suggestions? (photos)

I think i have a big fat face and would like to make it thinner. I feel like my cheekbones make my face big and my chin. I was told that cheekbone... READ MORE

How to get chubby cheeks?

Hi, I am 27 years old female. I am 5'3" and I weigh 114 lbs. My face is extremely thin. My cheeks look like gone deep inside, making me look weak, old... READ MORE

Would I be a good candidate for cheek augmentation? (photos)

Basically I would like more pronounced cheekbones / thinner lower face as I feel that my face is oval and flat-looking. I've done my research on the... READ MORE

How to get rid of fat on my lower cheeks? (photos)

I have naturally fat cheeks and i am a thin person with relatively low body fat %. I am also 30 years old so i dont want to "keep" the fat any longer... READ MORE

Is there anything else I can do apart from buccal fat removal and botox to masseter to thin down my lower cheeks? (photo)

I have undergone buccal fat removal and botox to masseter procedures to thin down my cheeks, yet my face stays unchanged. I am within the healthy... READ MORE

Which treatment is best for streamlining the face/jaw line? (Photo)

Hi, I'm unhappy with the shape of my jawline, I don't know if it's because I'm getting older and it's maybe starting to droop slightly. What kind of... READ MORE

Are repositioned fat cheekpads over cheekbone permanent or do they get thinner with age?

A plastic surgeon wants to place a silicone implant over my left cheekbone ( which is bigger than my right cheekbone) and reposition my saggibg right... READ MORE

Cheekbones too large? Facial asymmetry? How to look more attractive (masculine)? (photos)

Hi, 19yo male and I am very self conscious about my appearance. My hair is incredibly thin so I look balding half the time (in fact I think I even may... READ MORE

I want a thinner, more v shaped face with flatter cheeks. Any suggestions? (photos)

I want a slimmer face with flatter cheeks and definition like a model. I think that my bone structure is k- i have a fairly v shaped face, but there... READ MORE

My cheeks are thin and not good looking. Please tell me how to get fat cheek and bouncy? please help me am I in trouble?

Please help me to grow or to make fat cheeks medicines or any thing eles without any side effect READ MORE

What cosmetic surgery or fillers do I need to get rid of drawn cheeks?

One side of my face cheeks are is very drawn and doesn't feel as plump/full as the other the right side feels very thin and slack and looks very drawn... READ MORE

How much it costs if i want to have a chubby face not cheekbones. Which place should go for consultation the trusty one. (photo)

How to get a chubby face is't by inject also? because my face is like both are thin and my cheekbone was chubby i want my face too READ MORE

One of my cheeks skin is very thin - dead veins?

When i was small i get off from the bed and doctors say that the veins of my cheeks are me what can i do to make them chubby and level READ MORE

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