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Is This Man's Prominent Cheek Bones From Bone or Flesh? (photo)

This man has very prominent malar cheeks. But, what does this prominens mainly concist of? Is it mainly bone, or "fullness"? Is this... READ MORE

How Common Are Complications from Cheek Augmentation?

I have had cheek augmentation done twice by two different doctors using the same technique (through the mouth) with Radiesse. I did not realize... READ MORE

Cheek Augmentation - Which Technique is Superior? Intraoral Route?

I am considering getting a filler to the cheeks to get more volume. Due to my age and genes I have lost fat in my face which makes my face look a bit... READ MORE

Different Male Cheekbone Augmentation Filler Technique?

What is the difference in technique used for fillers in men vs women when cheekbone augmentation is desired? Since male and female aesthetic standards... READ MORE

What Kind of Filler and Technique Do You Suggest to Create Upper Cheekbone Fullness? (photo)

I am a 50 year old woman. What kind of filler and placed how (with cannula? without?) would you recommend to create more full upper cheekbones. Thank... READ MORE

If I Want to Screw Down the Cheek Implant Do You Always Have to Go Through the Eye or Can You Go Through the Mouth?

I am worried about my implant shifting so I wanted to have them screwed down but I was told that to screw it down they would have to go through the... READ MORE

What do I need to improve my sagging cheeks and jowls? (Photos)

From what I've read, my jowls can be addressed with a traditional SMAS lift technique, but this type of tightening wouldn't be as effective for... READ MORE

Cheek Augmentation with Fillers Vs Cheek Lift with Fillers?

Is there a difference between the two procedures? In terms of technique. Or are they essentially the same i.e cheek augmentation with fillers will... READ MORE

Different Ways to Approach Surgeries for Asymmetirical Cheeks? (photo)

After looking at multiple perspectives of my face, I feel that some sort of cheek augmentation for the straight side of my face would help put my face... READ MORE

Can hydroxyapatite or similar techniques be used to achieve slightly more defined facial features?

I am a 20 year old male interested in making parts of my facial bone a bit more defined. Specifically I would like my brow to be slightly more... READ MORE

Would be a possibility to use the same technique or principle used in Dimpleplasty? (photos)

Hello. I am wondering if there would be a possibility to use the same technique or principle used in Dimpleplasty to create a foldline dividing the... READ MORE

Cheekbone filler looks great in repose, but distorts the apples of my cheeks when I smile. Can you recommend a solution?

I naturally have flat cheekbones and excess fat in the apples of my cheeks. Facial fillers (various HAs) have given me cheekbones that look lovely... READ MORE

Lumps after cheek fillers: am I responsible for any cost associated with correcting it or is it typically the injector?

Went in for a cheek fillers and was left with a big lump on my right cheek, it protrudes when I smile. I called my injector the next day and requested... READ MORE

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