Tear Trough + Cheek Augmentation

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Can Tear Trough Implants and Submalar Cheek Implants Be Placed at the Same Time?

I have hollowness in the tear trough region under my eyes, as well as flatness to the inner cheek area (although I have nice cheekbone structure in... READ MORE

Information on Gore-Tex Facial Implants (Cheek/tear Trough)

I have read all about Silicone and Porex/Medpor facial implants but had some question on Gore-Tex cheek or tear trough implants) How easy are they to... READ MORE

Other Than Lack of Fat, Can Weak/low Cheekbones Cause Tear Trough in a 20 Years Old?

I have deep tear trough and dark circles since I was born. I read that lack of fat under the eyes can cause it, but I also read that low and weak... READ MORE

I Am Interested in Cheek and Tear Trough Implants? (photo)

I am interested in cheek and tear trough implants! I am 42, 5’ 10”, and 190 lbs. I am very active and very healthy, I workout 5 days a week. My fac... READ MORE

Porex for Cheek or Tear Troughs Area?

Is it more recommendable to use Porex for cheeks or tear troughs than silicone implants? Why or why not? Can I shape my own custom implants for the... READ MORE

Midface Plus Tear Trough, Submalar Combo, or Filler? (photo)

Mid 40's, I had malar implants removed 7 months ago, were showing thru under super-thin skin. I want to make sure I choose best option for my facial... READ MORE

Will getting cheek implants fix my hollow tear troughs?

I would like to enhance my flat cheekbones and fill my tear troughs. Will cheek implants fix both? Is there a procedure that would be better? READ MORE

What can be done about my volume loss in my cheeks and droopy face? (photos)

I'm 25 and have always had full cheeks. I've noticed they are quite droopy and I'm getting hollows going from my tear troughs. I would like more... READ MORE

I'm 28 yrs old. I have tear trough, thin skin under eye w/ loss of cheek volume. Help for permanent solution? (photo)

I have always had sunken eyes with fuller cheeks but with a tired look now I lost my cheak counter since I turned 27 without loosing weight. Now tear... READ MORE

Treatment options for what looks like malar-edema, tear trough, low cheeks? (Photo)

What treatment options would you recommend for what looks like malar-edema and/or tear trough? Do I really need my cheeks lifted? I am only 35, small... READ MORE

Silicone or Porex for tear trough implants? How will the implants feel?

I am scheduled to have under eye/tear trough implants. I'd like to know, between silicone and porex, which would get better results and how do they... READ MORE

Advice about my best options regarding sagging in cheeks area. Any suggestions? (photos)

I am a 33 year old male. And am getting really depressed about the sagging in my cheeks and around that area I have attached some pictures for your... READ MORE

Are "tear troughs" and low flat cheeks are correctable with the details below?

I am a 50 year old man who unfortunately always looks,not only tired,but to a degree,sick also.my cheeks,and also the area under my eyes which I... READ MORE

Prominent nasolabial folds, tear throughs and flat cheeks. Would Cheek Implants help with this? (photos)

Hi, I'm desperate. On my left side of face I have prominent nasolabial folds, tear throughs and on the both side flat cheeks. I am wondering why... READ MORE

How long after cheek implant surgery can you get filler in tear trough area?

I just had fantastic submalar cheek implant surgery. While it improved the hollows under my eyes it did not completely fill in the area and I'm... READ MORE

Are cheek implants a good way to augment the mid face and hollow tear troughs?

If the submarler area has week cheekbones and you notice teartrough hollows can cheek implants help with this? READ MORE

I've lost my heart-shaped face and fear it's due to lost volume in the mid-face. Best approach in dealing with this? (photo)

My face has been rapidly aging the past couple years. My face looks more long/square than the cute heart shape I remember 5 years ago. I've also... READ MORE

I'm Looking for Doctors Who Do Cheek Augmentation W/implant in S. Ca. Can Anyone Help?Need to See B/A Pics and Full Pricing?

I'm a 28 yr old (F) and am interested in a cheek implant that will correct both mid-face & tear trough deficiency all in one implant. I'm seen... READ MORE

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