Sunken + Cheek Augmentation

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My Cheeks Are Very Very Weak..What Can I Do? Please Help.

My age is 24 and my height is 6 feet, weight 65 kg. My overall body is better. But my cheeks are so weak i did every thing to pull them back or to... READ MORE

Fillers After Buccal Fat Removal

I understand buccal fat removal is a problematic procedure as it may cause hollow/sunken cheeks in future due to aging hence its akin to pursuing a... READ MORE

18 Year Old Guy with Sunken Cheeks?

Hello, I am an 18 years old guy. I have sunken cheeks that also have caused my face to lose its symmetry. Also, the hallow cheeks have impacted my... READ MORE

What Other Fillers Are Appropriate if I Am Uncomfortable with Sculptra (Due to Possible Complications) for Sunken/uneven Cheeks?

I have very low body fat and would like rounder cheeks. i don't want cheek implants too, only fillers. thank you! READ MORE

How can I make my face prettier? (photos)

I've never been happy with my profile and I have issues with the sunken appearance of my eyes and my weak cheekbones. How can I improve my features to... READ MORE

What can I do about sunken cheeks? I'm only 38 but look to be in my forties! (Photo)

People have been asking if I've lost weight because my face keeps thinning. In fact, I have gained 9 pounds in an effort plump up my face but it's not... READ MORE

Sunken Cheeks but high and defined cheekbones. Any suggestions?

My cheeks are hollow but I have very high and defined cheekbones. It seems there is little support now beside my face and I have a couple of folds... READ MORE

I want a fuller face. What are my options? Cost?

I think I have a thin face, & I would like it to be fuller. My cheeks are a little sunken, & I would like it to fill out & be more symmetrical. I was... READ MORE

Surgery for very narrow face. (photo)

I've tried fillers. Spent about 3,000 on them and its not working. My face is narrow and cheeks look sunk in. I also feel like my nose is too large.... READ MORE

Is it normal to have constant pain and numbness on the right side after zygoma reduction surgery?

I had zygoma reduction revision done 8 months ago in Asia. I had cheek asymmetry after my first cheek reduction. My left cheek feels fine but my right... READ MORE

How can my sunken in cheeks be corrected? (Photo)

Okay so for a while now, I have become very conscious of the way my mouth looks in certain lighting and was wondering if there were any way to correct... READ MORE

Cheekbone loss and cheeks becoming sunken? (photos)

Dear doctors, I'm age 34, in 2016 I realise I have loss some volume in my cheeks and comparing some of my photos in 2014, my cheekbone has some volume... READ MORE

How to fix sunken cheeks, nasolabial folds and puffy face? (Photo)

19 year old male. I am somewhat frustrated because I get told I look way older than I actually am. Just a few years ago, before my bout of cystic... READ MORE

Cheekbone implants for men, your suggestions please?

I'm a 53 y/o man looking into having cheek implants. I've had Radiasse injected twice but the effects lasted less than one year. I have small... READ MORE

Sunken in Cheeks? What should I do?

Hello I have sunken in/underdeveloped cheeks its particularly evident when I'm standing directly under lighting and my lower facial area, my Perioral... READ MORE

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