Submalar + Cheek Augmentation

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Effect on High Cheekbones Using Submalar Cheek Implant

Is it possible to use a submalar cheek implant in a way that I will not loose my high cheekbones? I want more fullness below my very prominent... READ MORE

What is the difference between submalar, malar & combined submalar implants?

What part of the face is the submalar region versus malar region? What is the difference between submalar, malar & combined submalar implants? If I'm... READ MORE

Why Do Some Doctors Think Submalar Implants Look Unnatural?

Everybody has their own opinion and preferences of course, but was is yours? READ MORE

Sub Malar Cheek Implants for Fullness?

I am a female and i have a very long face. I do have prominent cheeks but not that much. But i lack volume underneath my eyes. So i was wondering if... READ MORE

Cheek Implants, Submalar Implants or Lifting? (photo)

Hello Im 29 years old, am i a candidate for submalar implants or cheek implants or lifting? mi doctor said that it would not be aproppiate for me to... READ MORE

Which Implants for Anterior Cheek Augmentation?

Hi Submalar or malar implants? Can submalar shell from Implantech be used? I do not want lateral projection (can be minimal). thank you READ MORE

What Kind of Cheek Implants Do I Need?

I would like to get cheek implants. But there are so many styles! I want my cheeks look like the photos below. I'm not sure, if the women have... READ MORE

Cheek implant revision (malar vs sub-malar)? (photos)

Hi, 2 years ago I had malar cheek implants removed due to migration on 1side. The implants were in place for 8 years. I am now 33. My mid face area is... READ MORE

I have had silicone cheek implant with submalar extension. What is involved in removal and will my face sag?

I have had cheek implants for 6-7 years now. They are becoming more and more uncomfortable and sometimes painful. What will happen if I have these... READ MORE

Submalar Lumps? (photo)

4 years ago got sub-malar implants (silicone medium). 2 years after I had them removed and there's still a combination lumps/loose skin (where implant... READ MORE

How could sub-malar implants do this? (photos)

31yo. I had sub-malar implants placed just under 3 months ago and the effects have been so disheartening I'm seeking removal. They are Medpor and I'm... READ MORE

What's the difference between large & med submalar cheek implant? What kind of healing can be expected? (Photo)

I had medium submalar cheek implants done about four weeks ago and while I see an improvement, as the swelling dissolved they are not as large as I... READ MORE

What is the best filler for my flat, angular submalar area? (Photo)

Hi doctors. I really dislike the flat triangular appearance of my lower cheeks, the area below the cheekbone towards the nose. I believe this is... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for cheek implants? (photos)

I have always had very high, prominent cheekbones but after having upper jaw surgery 3 years ago, they've become far more pronounced. I don't like the... READ MORE

What would be best for my problem? Significant midface deficiency (Photos)

I had Lefort 1 upper jaw surgery couple years ago because I was born with a very recessed maxilla and had a bad underbite. I realize now I still have... READ MORE

I had cheek augmentation done out of country?

And it of course wasn't done as I had asked. I wanted and needed submalar implants while I got implanted malar ones. Way too high, way too small as... READ MORE

Will cheek implants cause a joker smile?

I'm interested in cheek implants. I'd like sub malar, but I'm not sure. I've read reviews saying people can't smile all the way anymore even after... READ MORE

Do cheek implants take 6 months to look normal?

I am interested in getting combined sub malar implants. However I have read (among other problems) that they are very un natural looking for 6 weeks,... READ MORE

Can Submalar implants be screwed in?

I am hearing/reading horror stories of submalar implants moving downward or people not being able to smile etc. I feel after much research that they... READ MORE

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