Shifting + Cheek Augmentation

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Cheek Augmentation: How Long Before I Can Have Revision Surgery?

I had bilateral malar cheek implants done on 2/15/11. Unfortunately the right side implant shifted the day of the surgery and is not where it should... READ MORE

Cheek Implants 20 Years Post Are Shifting Upwards Slightly?

I have had cheek implants for 20 years and love them but they are shifting very slightly upwards (especially right)into orbital area. The right one... READ MORE

If I Want to Screw Down the Cheek Implant Do You Always Have to Go Through the Eye or Can You Go Through the Mouth?

I am worried about my implant shifting so I wanted to have them screwed down but I was told that to screw it down they would have to go through the... READ MORE

How do I find a qualified doctor to remove (not replace) Gore-Tex cheek implants?

25+ yrs ago, I got small cheek implants. 4 years ago I had an infection; I recovered 100%, but one implant pocket got so loose, the implant shifted... READ MORE

Will exercise shift my cheek implants? Should I tape them in place?

I'm obsessed with and love my result but I don't want to ruin it. Yet at the same time I need to get in shape. I never exercised before the implants... READ MORE

Cheek implants are shifting. Do I have an infection?

Hello If your cheek implants shifted does infection occur becuase I fell on my left cheek and its paining does infection occur if cheek implants... READ MORE

Can facial imlants shift?

Can facial implants easily shift if you get hit on the face or ride intense roller coasters? I go to theme parks often and I worry that the speed and... READ MORE

Is there a natural way to enhance cheeks?

Why are surgeons still using cheek implants if they cause infection, shifting, and bone reabsorption. As we age so does our bone structure. Isn't... READ MORE

Cheek implants are shifting after I fell down the stairs. What should I do?

Hello I have done cheek implants before 3 months and before 5 days I fell of the stairs and ended up my left cheek implants and now I think its... READ MORE

3 months post cheek implants, unconsciously I slept on hand clenched hand in sleep and woke up with pain in my right implant?

Cheek implants 3 months po, firstly often left side gets a achey feeling feels ore nerve based, the odd numb shooting pain is this normal? The right... READ MORE

Cheek Implants Shifting and Pushing or Touching the Right Infra-orbital Nerve. How to Prevent That?

First, I'll like to thank Dr Fleming and Dr Weber for answering my previous question. I keep reading about cheek implants shifting and pushing or... READ MORE

Will my eye shift back into correct position after cheek implants? (photos)

I got cheek implants 8 days ago, they cut in my eye fat by accident on my left side and now my left eyeball has shifted, it's like pushed up and back.... READ MORE

2 weeks post op Cheek implant, I have a tear, separation, shift. Any suggestions? (photos)

I was chewing food and laughing hard one day, 2 weeks after cheek smile implant, when all of a sudden, i feel a knife like sharp pain and what seems... READ MORE

What are the sign of shifted cheek implant?

I have pain in my right cheek,Doctor says it's not infection ,but im having so much pain,I want to know What are the sign of shifted cheek implant ?... READ MORE

Problems with very large pores, facial structure shifting, and blown out nose (Photo)

Im wondering if there is some type of volume enhancer for cheeks, along with maybe a rhinoplasty and cheekbones implants? Im wondering if anything... READ MORE

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