Screws + Cheek Augmentation

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Cheek Implants - Sutured or Screwed?

I want to get cheek implants, just small ones that will add some slight definition but not make me appear like another person. One plastic surgeon... READ MORE

I Have Had Cheek Implants and Someone Applied Immense Pressure to my Face...could It Rupture?

I have had cheek implants surgically attached with screws and plates....someone has applied immense pressure and impact on my face (assaulted me)..Im... READ MORE

If I Want to Screw Down the Cheek Implant Do You Always Have to Go Through the Eye or Can You Go Through the Mouth?

I am worried about my implant shifting so I wanted to have them screwed down but I was told that to screw it down they would have to go through the... READ MORE

Will Cutting an Implant While Its Still Screwed in my Checks a Good Option to Reducing the Size? (photo)

I had 3mm malar cheek implants put in and im not happy with them (1 year postop, projection is to big) , i want them out. But my doctor recommended a... READ MORE

Can You Cut or Manipulate an Existing 3mm Malar Cheek Implant While Its Screwed in my Cheeks?

Im 1 year postop . Had cheeck implants put in . and I dont like the projection and size of it. its to big (3mm implants).My surgeon recomended that he... READ MORE

Can You Remove a Cheek Implant (Screwed In) with IV Sedation? What Are the Risk? is This a Common Route for Surgeons?

I have decided to remove my implants . My doctor suggested that hes gana put me under IV sedation READ MORE

What x ray will reveal silicone implants and screws?

I have cheek silicone implants and screws and i want to take an x ray so that i can see where they were placed exatly on my face and the assymetry... READ MORE

Cheek implants with screws?

I had a consultation with a doctor yesterday and he does cheek implants (silicone I think) by screwing them into the bone. Is this common? If 10 years... READ MORE

Can Submalar implants be screwed in?

I am hearing/reading horror stories of submalar implants moving downward or people not being able to smile etc. I feel after much research that they... READ MORE

I am considering cheek implants and want a Dr who will use titanium screws. How can I find out without going to consults?

The cheek implants I'm consider will be my second pair. First ones were removed due to shifting 3 years ago. Now I only want implants that are screwed... READ MORE

Can cheek implants be secured/screwed onto cheekbones? Had Malar reduction (fracture) and zygoma burring 10 years ago (Photo)

I had Malar reduction 10years ago. I am 42. I want to rejuvenate my cheeks, and do mid facelift afterwards. I went for cheek implant Nov 2014. The... READ MORE

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