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Can Massaging Cheeks After Fat Injection Reverse the Effects?

I had fat injected into my cheeks. I understand it takes at least 2 months for the swelling to go down. (I had them 2.5 weeks ago.) I was wondering if... READ MORE

Will I See Final Results Immediately After Cheek Implants?

I recently had cheek implants. I wanted to know if the final results show instantly or weeks later? READ MORE

Bad result with cheek augmentation/cheek implants. Please help! 12 days post op 2.5mm synpor implants. (photo)

I choose a top doctor in Boston, who performed buccal lipectomy, with 2.5mm synpor cheek implants and a R. sided chin implant. My face is destroyed.... READ MORE

What Will the Future Look Like? Ever-larger Cheek Implants/fillers?

I'm in my mid-forties and have some fat loss under eyes & tear trough, indentations on sides of chin, sag, etc. I'm thinking about the future. In... READ MORE

Is the mediojugal fold same as a festoon? I prefer treatments that produce long term results. Any suggestions?

Is the mediojugal fold same as a festoon? I have these folds across my cheeks and because of these my eyebags semm more pronounced too. . What are the... READ MORE

Would cheek implants give me a similar result to this? (Photo)

I am wondering if cheek implants would give me a similar result to this edited after picture. READ MORE

Which area should my cheek-implants be placed on? (Photos)

I’m a male and got cheek implants last year. My surgeon did not understand my request about placing the implants very lateral. Result now looks f... READ MORE

Should I lose the most amount of weight possible before going in for a cheek augmentation for best result? (Photos)

I am 160 lbs and I want my face to be contoured like Kim kardashian, my face isn't all that chubby but it could be a whole lot slimmer. Should I lose... READ MORE

I want to achieve definition to my face with as permanent results as possible (Photo)

Thank you for the answers. I heard about cheekinplants and fat grafting. I don't like the thought of foreign material due to the risks of... READ MORE

Will getting cheek implants one year after a facelift compromise the face lift result?

I know ideally these procedures should be done in tandem however, if this is not possible is it okay to do the implants one year after the face lift?... READ MORE

Cheekbone or lower/lateral orbital rim implants close to eye socket for more chiseled look? (Photos)

My face is naturally featureless and has poor bone structure. I notice when I pinch the very edge of my eye socket area (simulating some sort of... READ MORE

I've seen cases where something went wrong with cheek implants. What are the odds that cheek implant will look unnatural?(photo)

Local plastic surgeon said I am too skinny, have too flat face and it is highly possible that after placing the implant the difference will be... READ MORE

Please give any advice or feedback regarding the removal of old cheek implants...

I spoke with a very highly rated surgeon in the Pittsburgh about removing old implants that were put in 16 years ago. I am 36 now. One side never... READ MORE

What's the correct way to improve degraded facial appearance in my case?

Hi. I'm 27 years old male and during last two years I've lost a lot of "teen" facial fat. Although the face started to look more defined, it... READ MORE

How can you help me? (Photos)

I had a combined malar submalar implant . I have still swelling but it seems like I am not going to be satisfied with the result . I do not mean that... READ MORE

Cheek filler/implants? I want to improve my cheeks. (Photos)

I am wondering if fillers or implants would be a better option? If my wish pic looks realistic? And for fillers how many syringes would it take to get... READ MORE

I want to upgrade my cheek implant size. What are the risks, costs, complications etc?

I got small malar implants 2013 and have recently been getting about 1.5 ccs in each of my cheeks for added height, definition. I love the results but... READ MORE

Best option to reduce one side of my cheek? Early 20's, no kids. (photo)

I know not to expect anything perfectly symmetrical but I prefer something permanent that looks natural. I love one side of my face-the thinner... READ MORE

How long do I have to wait to remove cheeks implant if dissatisfied with the result ?

How long do I have to wait to remove cheeks implants ? Overall dissatisfied with the result : too small, not enough projection, one side of my face... READ MORE

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