Puffiness + Cheek Augmentation

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Options For Puffy Cheeks and Weird Bulges Under Eyes? (photo)

Hi, Im 35 and have had puffy cheeks and these weird bulges/bumps/dents under my eyes. my mother always said they were just "prominent... READ MORE

Why are the sides and corners of my mouth puffy and swollen? (Photo)

Hi, lm in my mid 20's.I have noticed a puffiness around my mouth area. Mostly sides of mouth. It's prominent. My mouth area almost looks like the... READ MORE

Shortly after, the implants were removed 3 mos. because it was not the look I wanted. Cheek Implant Removal?

I am a male, early 20s and had medium combination malar/submalar silicon implants placed. Shortly after, the implants were removed 3 mos. because it... READ MORE

Can you please help me find out what this puffiness is? (Phoot)

Hello! I'm 26 year old female, married mother of 2. I Try my hardest to take care if my skin & use eye cream often. However, I noticed that my upper... READ MORE

I have swelling after Cheek Implant Removal. How long would the swelling normally last?

8 months after having medium malar cheek implants inserted, I had them removed 10 days ago in addition to a small amount of fat transfer done to my... READ MORE

I have an undefined face, no nasal bridge, "chubby" lower third of face. Any suggestions? (photos)

I've always disliked how the lower third of my face around my jawline is undefined and kind of "puffy". I've also thought my face, overall, appears... READ MORE

How to reduce puffy cheeks? (Photo)

What do I do here? My cheeks when I smile are way too puffy and only have small mouth. I don't usually smile like this as you can see the horrible... READ MORE

If sucking in your cheeks made jowls disappear completely does that mean the problem is due to excess fats and not loose skin?

I have put some weight due to hormone therapy and there are stubborn fat deposits that made my face look puffy. The right side appear to be pudgy in... READ MORE

Steroid Injection After Cheek Implants?

Im a male and in september i have cheek augmenation to give me a more chiselled look. i have found that although i do like my implants i find that it... READ MORE

Is a Cheek Thats Puffed Up and Has a Red Circular Huge Scar Dangerous? What is It?

I know this one year old girl who has a red scar on her face she was born with it but it was so small and brown almost unnoticable. As she grows up it... READ MORE

4 days after malar fat graft. One side looks more swollen and puffier (lump?) than the other. Is this normal? (photo)

3rd time going through fat grafts to the malar area (zygomatic bone) because the other 2 times it was absorbed. Now this time i look like a boxeur,my... READ MORE

How to fix sunken cheeks, nasolabial folds and puffy face? (Photo)

19 year old male. I am somewhat frustrated because I get told I look way older than I actually am. Just a few years ago, before my bout of cystic... READ MORE

Need advice on slimming my face. Any suggestions? (photos)

I feel like I have puffy cheeks. I want my cheek bones to be more prominent and slim down my cheeks. You can see when I turn my face my cheeks look... READ MORE

What treatment can be used to smooth out these upper cheek bags? (Photo)

Hi, I was wondering if anyone can help me with smoothening out this puffiness I have on my upper cheekbones. The left side especially gets worse when... READ MORE

Puffy skin on cheekbones, more noticeable when tired. (photos)

I have this issue on my cheekbone where there is a puffy area of skin, not quite a bag as such it sits more on my cheekbone. They tend to be more... READ MORE

My face looks so puffy. Where exactly is the swelling?

It has been six week now for my cheek implant an 27 age and i used supmalar small size i m so sad for tje result my face look like buffy so big i want... READ MORE

Cheek implant removed/scar revision. I feel bit puffy and tight on both side of my cheek area. Will this go away?

I had nearly 3 cheek implant's and got all removed. Last impalnt removed was two years ago. 3 months ago I had scar revition on my top gun area intra... READ MORE

How much do submalar cheek implants cost?

I have fairly high cheekbones but I have loss of volume, causing a crease (genetics) from the front with fairly high cheekbones. I have tried fillers... READ MORE

Will cheek implant lift the cheek/chin and add definition? (photos)

I hate my puffy saggy cheeks, would implants of chin, cheeks lift and define my face more than buccal fat removal? READ MORE

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