Projection + Cheek Augmentation

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Would Cheek and Jaw Angle Implants Help for Young Adult Man? (photo)

I have always had a lack of cheek projection under the eye (as can be seen in my photos). Only the lateral zygomatic arch seems to protrude. How well... READ MORE

What Is The Small Malar Implant Healing Time?

Interested in getting small malar implants for a very, very slight natural increase in prominence and projection of my cheekbones. I have read many... READ MORE

Cheek Injections for Cheekbone Definition Only and NOT to Fill out Apple Cheek, is It Possible?

I want cheek augmentation because I have quite a strong jawline but no cheekbone definition whatsoever and I think some sort of filler would balance... READ MORE

Malar Augmentation, Are There Any Surgeons Who Do Zygomatic/malar Advancement?

Malar osteotomies are performed in Asia to reduce the width and projection of the zygomatic arch. I have a midface deficiency so I'd like to know if... READ MORE

Would Cheek Implants (Or a Cheek Augmentation) Look Good? (photo)

I would get cheek implants, nothing impermanent if it will look good. I want more projection under my eyes, because vertically my face is flat. In my... READ MORE

Cheek augmentation: what size and mm projection terino malar shell implant is needed? (photo)

I have included pictures of two Real Self community members whose results are what I'm most interested in achieving. I believe they stated medium in... READ MORE

Best Option for Cheek Enhancement? (photo)

Interested in cheek enhancement. Already have cheek (suborbital) implants and fat transfer, but still not enough projection. Considering below to... READ MORE

Would small malar implants be too much for my face? (photo)

The pictures are what I look like with two syringes of Radiesse. One doctor told me if I get cheek implants it'll be too much projection. I'm curious... READ MORE

Type of Cheek Implant? (photo)

I have cheek implants (span from orbital rim to about mid-nose) but they don't grant enough projection. Considering exchanging for bigger ones with... READ MORE

Best option to increase forward projection of high, flat cheekbones?

I'm an Asian female with high, relatively defined cheekbones but I lack forward projection. Would fat grafting, cheek implants, or cheek fillers be... READ MORE

Cheek implant protrusion?

About a month ago I had a small, unilateral cheek implant to restore projection lost from trauma. The projection seems to have been restored, but I'm... READ MORE

Extra small malar implant size? At the final decision stage (Photo)

Can malar implants come in extra small size or be whittled down in projection/thickness? I've inspected small malar implants in person, and they seem... READ MORE

Could someone give me a explanation of the size/projection in male orbital rim + cheek implants?

I am trying to find out whats the normal range in terms of mm of these types of implants in a male. I can't find anything about this. I understand... READ MORE

Will cheek implants give me the outward projection I'm looking for?

I have a long face with very weak cheekbones and asymmetry. Would cheek implants provide the outward (horizontal) projection I'm seeking? If so, what... READ MORE

Is it a difficult or common procedure to have generic 5 mm silicone cheek implants removed and have customs put in?

Reasons for implants: -Considerable negative vector. It looked like I had half a cheek bone. Results: -implants placed on the side of my face look... READ MORE

I had a cheek implant procedure and my cheekbones still look underdeveloped, what's going on?

I had my 1st implants (large) 2 yrs ago, and after all the swelling went down, I had zero projection. In fact, I always joked n' said I guess the Doc... READ MORE

Cheek Implant Replacement Cost and Pocket Question?

Hi, i am 31 year old male and want to replace by current Silicon Medium Malar implant (4 months old) with a medium or large malar with MORE projection... READ MORE

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