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Can my upper maxilla still grow forward by pulling it with reverse headgear? I'm 19 years old. I don't want jaw surgery.

I believe my upper maxilla grew incorrectly during teenage years, My tongues' resting position has been altered since I was 13. This happened during a... READ MORE

Malar Cheek Implants

I am considering getting cheek implants. My cheekbones are high but seem to be set back farther vertically, and are also flat. Would malar implants... READ MORE

What procedures would be best to fix my uneven cheeks and crooked chin? I also do not like my nose (Photo)

I feel like my right cheek is a bit bigger and my chin/jaw is very crooked what could I do to get an even profile?? What would be the cost? How would... READ MORE

How can I make my face prettier? (photos)

I've never been happy with my profile and I have issues with the sunken appearance of my eyes and my weak cheekbones. How can I improve my features to... READ MORE

Would Conform Terino Malar shell cheek implants be a good match, or is there an alternative?

Without a pic(sorry!) I have a 7 and 3/4 inch long face. Flat cheeks(bone deficiency) and thin skin. Is a size large conform terino Malar shell a good... READ MORE

What can I do to improve my profile and balance my face? (Photos)

I don't like my nose and the bottom part of my face. My face looks really chubby although I am very thin (135lbs 5 ft 11). I hate my profile and the... READ MORE

Chin augmentation needed, but based on my profile, anything else? (Photo)

5ft 10", 205lbs, 38. I plan on having a chin augmentation procedure performed in early January (NY or LA). I have noticed my neck is also sagging... READ MORE

Procedure for lower cheeks fat? (photos)

Hi. As you can see in the photos provided, my cheeks are not even from my side profile. Will cheek implants be able to lift up the lower cheeks fat or... READ MORE

Question regarding treatment options for mid-face. (photo)

Greetings! I'm 27 years of age. I've never been particularly impressed with my profile. I realize that'll I'll need rhinoplasty and genioplasty to... READ MORE

Minimal facial work required to maximize aesthetic improvement for 23 y.o Male. (photos)

Given my weak facial structure what procedures can be recommended to provide maximum aesthetic improvement to my facial profile. Im looking into chin,... READ MORE

What surgery would help with my skin appearance and my jaw and cheekbones? (Photo)

I am really unhappy with the appearance of my skin its quite loose on my jaw as well my profile Nose is horrible and my cheekbones have no shape i am... READ MORE

Want a slimmer face/profile. (photos)

My face is very round has always been. I'm not over weight I'm actually slim but my face is very chubby and I really dislike my jaw line as well I... READ MORE

What is wrong with my side profile? Cheeks, chin? (photos)

I know there is something off with my side profile. I can't determine if the fix will include my cheeks or chin or both. In the future I've already... READ MORE

What would be the best option for me to achieve facial balance? (Photo)

I was thinking about getting a chin implant but I was not sure what other options there are such as cheek reduction or chin bone implants. I am a 28... READ MORE

Profile enhancement for a chubby face? (photos)

Hi, While I feel my face is attractive from the front, my side profile is very undefined. I am 29, 115lbs 5'4 and have dieted for years because I have... READ MORE

How to improve my side profile for a round face with chubby cheeks? (Photo)

What procedures should I take to achieve the profile of the second picture? Will changing my side profile affect the front view of my face? Thanks READ MORE

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