Porex + Cheek Augmentation

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Safe to Use Juvaderm in Area Around Porex Cheek Implants?

Hi, I'm happy with a recent medpor cheek implant surgery generally but would like the edges of the implants 'softend' a little around my... READ MORE

Can a Cheek Implant Infection Affect my Chin Implant?

Dear doctors, Unfortunately my cheek implant infection could'nt be treated by antibiotics. On tuesday they will be removed. 2 Years ago I got a... READ MORE

Can I Remove Cheek Implant After 3 Weeks Surgery?

Hi i had a porex cheek implant sergery 3 weeks ago,and its too big for my face,and still i hav swelling ,and i feel uncomfortable,i look worse... and... READ MORE

Will Fat Transfer Results Stay After Cheek Implants Are Removed?

I have too big porex cheek implants since 2009. Fat was injected twice afterwards (full face). Porex is hard to remove but the porex must come out.... READ MORE

After 5 Weeks Porex Cheek Implant Surgery I Have Pain in Right Side, is It Infection?

Hi, after 5 weeks, its a 2 days i hav pain in my right side,i can feel it when i open my mouth and when i eat ,even i cant eat... its painfull when i... READ MORE

Lump or hematoma!!??!!! (photos)

Hello I had porex cheek implant removal 11 days ago,right after surgery I felt sth like hard lump under left cheek ,but I thought it's swelling ,now... READ MORE

Cheek implant removal recovery

I've had my porex cheek implants remove last week after 3 years,it wasn't difficult as I've heard before ,some of them said it's impossible to remove.... READ MORE

Not sure what I should do! Is it an infection or not?

I've had porex cheeks implant 4 years ago ,and 2 weeks ago I had pain ,as it was a new year and holiday couldn't find any doctor,so I started... READ MORE

Lump after cheek implant removal. Any suggestions?

Hi,I got my porex cheek implant removed 10 days ago and now I have big hard bump into my left cheek under my eye,it's bothering me and it looks so bad... READ MORE

I had my cheek implants removed and I have a lump or very hard swelling. Will it go away or do I need surgery?

9 days ago I've had my porex cheek implants remove,the day after after surgery I got so much swelling,but now it's getting better,right side swelling... READ MORE

Any suggestions for Porex cheek implant removal?

Unfortunately I have to remove my cheek implants in few days due to so much pain , it's not infection but I have crazy pain like killing me so Doctor... READ MORE

What is this pain I'm suffering ?

3 years ago I've had porex cheeks implant,last month I had lips fillers injection,after 2 weeks injection I experienced a pain in my right cheek close... READ MORE

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