Permanent + Cheek Augmentation

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Is It Possible to Remove Permanent Filler?

Is it possible to remove a permament filler in cheek after 1 year, with surgery? READ MORE

Options To Permanently Remove Cheek Dents/wrinkles? (photo)

Hi everyone :D My question is i want to permantly remove the dents or wrinkles from my cheeks. I'd rather do it without surgery or injections (im... READ MORE

Permanent cheek filler cost?

Hello! I am a 17 year old girl and I am considering getting permanent cheek implants or fillers to fill in my naturally hollow under eyes/upper... READ MORE

Should I get malar or submalar cheek implants? (Photo)

I have always had a flat face and I am generally OK with that, but my cheeks now concave as I am getting older. It is more significant on my right... READ MORE

Pain, Numbness and Swelling on Left Side 1 Month After Cheek Implant - Permanent?

I had bilateral cheek implants on 2/15/11. Left side has always been more swollen and painful than the right. My upper lip on the left side is... READ MORE

Juvederm XC + Sculptra to Enhance Cheekbones?

I have Juvederm XC to enhance my cheekbones and correct loss of volume to upper face and I LOVE THE RESULTS. I want it to be permanent, or as long... READ MORE

What are my options to make my chin and cheekbones bigger and fuller without the need of implants?

I want a bigger chin and higher cheekbones, to bring a better balance to my face. One thing I don't want in to have something plastic in my face, that... READ MORE

Cheek Augmentation Recommendation? (photo)

I have seen 2 surgeons regarding my double jaw surgery and one recommended that I consider getting cheek implants, while the other one felt it wasn't... READ MORE

Permanent Cheek Augmentation Filler? (photo)

For cheek augmentation, how do I decide about which permanent filler get injected into my cheeks? I went to a doctor and he told me about a filler... READ MORE

What can I really do with these indentation marks on my face? (photo)

I've had these deep indents at the tops of my cheeks for a long time. I can hardly take pictures because they always show up if the lighting is not... READ MORE

Numbness After Cheek Augmentation. 7 Months After Surgery. Maybe Permanent?

I had my cheek implant surgery in a doctor's office in Beverly Hill. After 3 months of surgery, my left cheek is still numb. It's already 7 months. It... READ MORE

How to avoid the fake plastic look?

Also, I already have angular cheekbones and just use fillers for a touch-up of what I need. I'd like something permanent, though. If I get the right... READ MORE

What is causing fat loss in checks and is there a permanent way to resolve it? (photos)

I am 30 and am experiencing loss of fat in the cheeks. A surgeon I saw said it could be due to swelling/ fluid retention but the problem seems to be... READ MORE

Permanent Fillers in the Future?

Hello I have had cheek implants (goretex) in the past, i had two operations due to assymetry with no success, unfortunatly Goretex is hard to remove.... READ MORE

Nerve damage or permanent muscle damage? (Photo)

I'm 4 weeks post op chin augmentation and submental lipo. I went to a triple board certified surgeon. My smile is crooked. My bottom lip won't pull... READ MORE

2-year facial fillers and anesthetic. Is there any solution for me other than permanent cheek implants?

I'm allergic to lidocaine, tested by allergist years ago. All the 2-year facial fillers contain that, as far as I've checked. Is there any way to get... READ MORE

Are cheek implants truly safe and would you use screws or not?

Have heard many bad stories about the material and about the implant moving for me I want a permanent implant so that I don't keep going to get... READ MORE

Surgery for very narrow face. (photo)

I've tried fillers. Spent about 3,000 on them and its not working. My face is narrow and cheeks look sunk in. I also feel like my nose is too large.... READ MORE

Are cheek implants, buccal fat temoval, chin implant and anterior neck lift a good way to active a chiselled look? As a male?

I am having a chin implant along with cheek implants, buccal fat removal and anterior neck lift all done at the same time. Will such procedures create... READ MORE

I already have a wide face? How exactly can I get that model cheekbone look permanently?

I had fillers done so I currently have that look, but soon I'll have to redo it because it is every year. I heard if I get cheek implants it'll just... READ MORE

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