Pain + Cheek Augmentation

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Extremely Sore Gritty Eyes After General Anesthetic?

Previously I had cheek implants and during the recovery period the pain I had in my eyes was excruciating. It felt as if both my eyes had been... READ MORE

Pain, Swelling, and Asymmetry After Cheek Implants

I had cheek implant 26 days ago. The left side is totally different than right side. Swelling on the left side is still there, and I can feel there is... READ MORE

Pain, Numbness and Swelling on Left Side 1 Month After Cheek Implant - Permanent?

I had bilateral cheek implants on 2/15/11. Left side has always been more swollen and painful than the right. My upper lip on the left side is... READ MORE

Can I Use Different Dermal Filler After 1 Month?

Hello, I did Revanesse dermal filler on my cheek 5 weeks ago. I went for retouch two weeks after that, at the beggining after the swelling all gone,... READ MORE

My left cheekbone is bigger than my right cheekbone. What is the best solution for this? (photos)

When i was young and until now, whenever i am opening my mouth wide and try to bite, something will click in my right jaw near my ear, and it hurts.... READ MORE

Cheek Implants 20 Years Post Are Shifting Upwards Slightly?

I have had cheek implants for 20 years and love them but they are shifting very slightly upwards (especially right)into orbital area. The right one... READ MORE

Pain in Left Cheekbone Implant After 2 Years

Hi, I had cheekbone implants almost 2 years ago and in the last few months I've had pain on my left side only when my face is pressed on my pillow... READ MORE

I Have Had Cheek Implants and Someone Applied Immense Pressure to my Face...could It Rupture?

I have had cheek implants surgically attached with screws and plates....someone has applied immense pressure and impact on my face (assaulted me)..Im... READ MORE

Can a Cheek Implant Take Up to a Year to Heal?

I had cheek implants around the 27th of July 2010. The left implant is fine but the right has had slight pain in it up until now and it's now July... READ MORE

Can Silicone Cheek Implants Cause Pain Above the Ear at the Level of the Eye?

I am 10 years post cheek implant and the area above and forward of the ear at eye level is a trigger for migraine pain. Should I consider having the... READ MORE

Painful Nerve After Cheek Malar Implant -- Will It Improve?

Nearly 6 weeks ago I had cheek implants at the same time as a face lift. Immediately after the surgery, my left cheek was painful and tender near my... READ MORE

I have had silicone cheek implant with submalar extension. What is involved in removal and will my face sag?

I have had cheek implants for 6-7 years now. They are becoming more and more uncomfortable and sometimes painful. What will happen if I have these... READ MORE

Cheek Implant recovery. Why do I still have pain and tightness after 6 months?

Hey Docs, Im a male. 30. HAd cheek implants 6 months ago. One side took a long time to heal. At day 50 it still looked like I had a golf ball in my... READ MORE

I have an implant under the base of my nose and paranasals. Can I get it taken out safely? (Photo)

I have cheek implants and paranasals. I hate it. It not only causes me pain but it stops me from smiling naturally. I also have cheek implants. It has... READ MORE

Is getting cheek implants very painful?

I watched a video explaining how surgeons make an incision inside of the mouth and slide the implant through there. I had to stop watching because it... READ MORE

Blood and puss draining from mouth from my right cheek implant area and pain when I touch that area. What could this be?

Having complications with my medpor cheek implant right side a lot of pain for a week and now blood and puss is draining from my mouth from the... READ MORE

Can you aspirate a fluid collection from soft tissue on the cheek? (photos)

An ultrasound test indicated there was a fluid collection below my eye up toward the temple where my hairline starts it's caused my face to swell into... READ MORE

After 5 Weeks Porex Cheek Implant Surgery I Have Pain in Right Side, is It Infection?

Hi, after 5 weeks, its a 2 days i hav pain in my right side,i can feel it when i open my mouth and when i eat ,even i cant eat... its painfull when i... READ MORE

Could This Redness in my Mouth and Pain Be An Infection?

Hi after 5 weeks porex cheek implant I had 2 days pain in my right side only, and now I saw redness in my mouth not in my skin, redness in my mouth,... READ MORE

cheek implant infection :/ what should I expect if the implant comes out?? is it common to get an infection?

I got silicone implants and buccal fat removal done 3 months ago and the right looks like a golf ball is in my cheek. its incredibly painful and i'm... READ MORE

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