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2 weeks post op, I have numbness after Cheek Implants. Is this normal?

I just had cheek implants almos 2 weeks ago. It was through an intra oral incision. The left side of my lips and lower cheeks are numb. and it doesnt... READ MORE

Pain, Numbness and Swelling on Left Side 1 Month After Cheek Implant - Permanent?

I had bilateral cheek implants on 2/15/11. Left side has always been more swollen and painful than the right. My upper lip on the left side is... READ MORE

Cheek Implant Removal Problems 7 Months Post Op?

I finally had my 10 year old malar cheek implants removed. I had a great deal of bruising and swelling especially on left immediately post op. I am... READ MORE

Cheek Implants - Worried About Numbness and Tightness Around Nose

I had cheek implants (medpor screwed into place) by a reputable Max Facial Surgeon. Unfortunately 1wk post op right cheek formed a haematoma which I... READ MORE

6 days post op Cheek Augmentation, is it normal to have numbness after Cheek Implants?

Six days ago had cheek augmentaion with pin now left upper lip and half of nose area with implant area numb is this normal and how long before feeling... READ MORE

Cheek Implant Numbness when Smiling

I just had cheek implants about a months ago and every time I smile or open my mouth wide my lip go numb on the upper right side, and that numbness... READ MORE

Numbness After Cheek Augmentation. 7 Months After Surgery. Maybe Permanent?

I had my cheek implant surgery in a doctor's office in Beverly Hill. After 3 months of surgery, my left cheek is still numb. It's already 7 months. It... READ MORE

I have swelling after Cheek Implant Removal. How long would the swelling normally last?

8 months after having medium malar cheek implants inserted, I had them removed 10 days ago in addition to a small amount of fat transfer done to my... READ MORE

Fistula After Cheek Implant Removal?

HI doctors ... i have a fistula in my mouth right after the removal of cheek implant and nose implant due to infection .. my dr have opened the... READ MORE

Left upper lip numbness after cheek implant removal. Are there solutions to this problem?

Hello Drs, I had malar cheek implants removed 7 weeks ago (they were in for 8 months only) as well as a small amount of fat transferred to my buccal... READ MORE

Numbness after cheek implants. Is something wrong?

1 week ago i had cheek implants surgery.right cheek feel perfekt,no numbness,no tightness,no more swollen.the left one on the contrary,left side upper... READ MORE

Numb and Tight Lip after Cheek Implant Removal.. Can it be resolved and loosen? (Photo)

Hi Dr's. I am 20 days post cheek implant removal. I am experiencing some numbness and lip asymmetry on the right side of lip. The right area of my lip... READ MORE

Cheek implants: will I be numb permanently afterwards? (Photos)

I have had Voluma to get the look of more sculpted and higher cheekbones, satisfied! But now am looking for a perm solution as I hate the pain after... READ MORE

Facial Hypesthesia (numbness) post cheek implant removal.

I am 19 years old. Got a cheek implant surgery with porex back in March but I hated it so I had it removed in April 22nd. My face is pretty numb,... READ MORE

Is pressure and numbness normal for cheek and chin implants 90 day post-op? Ex lg submalar and medium chin implants were placed.

Currently I still have numbness in my lower lip and in the upper right part of my lip. Is it normal to feel slight pain when i touch the implant in my... READ MORE

Lip Numbness + Tightness + Asymmetry after Cheek Implant Removal. Expert Advice Needed (Photo)

Hi Dr's. I am 7 weeks post cheek implant removal and I'm experience numbness and tightness in my lip. My lip is pulling up and away from my midline (... READ MORE

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