Migration + Cheek Augmentation

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Removal of cheek implant due to migration

I recently had cheek implants and the one on the right side migrated up into my eye cavitiy and there seems to be a muscle protruding from the implant... READ MORE

Does Novielle Work for Cheek Augmentation?

I´ve been told by a surgeon that Novielle lasts about 2 years (maybe a bit less) until it completely wears away. I'm wondering, can it be used... READ MORE

Will working out after cheek implants cause them to migrate? Am I worrying too much?

I do cardio and weight training about 3/4 times a week . Will that affect my cheek implants? Will it cause them to migrate? I don't feel any... READ MORE

Cheek implants: To secure or not secure?

Is there a higher risk of migration and/or infection when a cheek implant is placed without securing it with screws? Will just the pocket created,... READ MORE

Will custom cheek implants have a lesser risk of migration and asymmetry as compared to a standard cheek implant? (photo)

I have slightly asymmetric cheeks which are a result of asymmetric cheek implant removal. I want new cheek implants (sub malar this time). Will I have... READ MORE

Is there anyway to remove scar tissue from cheek area? One eye is shrinking. (photos)

After having my malar cheek implants removed at 31 (2 years ago) after having them in for 9 years, one of my eyes continues to shrink. Now there is a... READ MORE

HA Migration

Hello ! I had HA filler injected in cheeks and nasolabial folds.3 days later I noticed filler from one cheek has moved under left eye and to the down... READ MORE

Can all silicone cheek implants be affixed with a screw to prevent migration or can the condition of the cheekbone be a factor?

I am 58 and I am contemplating undergoing surgery to receive cheek implants. My cosmetic surgeon told me that she may not be able to use screws to... READ MORE

Is there any way to ensure that a cheek implant will not migrate? (photos)

Two years ago I had my cheek implants removed due to asymmetry. One had migrated to a higher position than the other. Because of the removal, the side... READ MORE

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