Mid Face + Cheek Augmentation

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Calcium Hydroxyapatite or Silicone Implants For Flat Midface?

Hi. I have a flat midface, paranasal retrusion etc. I would like to correct this, but i just don't know what would be better, silicone implants or... READ MORE

Cheek Implants Appear Too Large

I am at the end of week 1 post cheek augmentation. I have considerable swelling across the mid face from upper lip to lower eyelids. The cheek... READ MORE

Would a combined malar submalar implant or extended orbital rim-malar implant be best for my very concave middle face? (photos)

Dear lovely doctors, i have a very flat middle face, starting from under my eyes. I have great lateral projection on my cheek-zygomatic area already.... READ MORE

Cheek implants for flat midface? (Photo)

I'm currently in the process of planning orthognathic surgery (lefort 1 and trying to rotate mandible to a more horizontal plan, getting rid of my... READ MORE

My left side of my face is a bit higher than the right side. What are the options for a more symmetrical face? (photos)

I've been looking at what are some options to correct this either with fillers or surgically. I prefer to have surgery because I feel it would last... READ MORE

How can I improve my mid face/ cheek area with fillers or implants? (photo)

I am quite thin (size 0) but my face is and looks very oval/long ,"chubby" cheeks.In my case being thin doesn't give me a more chiseled or contoured... READ MORE

I have flatness at mid face. Is it a massater or maxilar problem. Why? (Photo)

Some angles make my face flat at midface (near cheeckbones and massater area). I have sinus and sometimes mandibular pain (don't know if it duo sinus)... READ MORE

Will there be bone erosion after 5 months of midface PEEK material implant? (photos)

I had a rather big PEEK material custom implant in my whole midface. Its in the orbital region, nasal and cheeks. I think the surgeon did a good job... READ MORE

I have weak midface (weak infraorbital rims + cheekbones) in non-clinical sense. Should I think twice about getting implants?

- apparently high unsatisfactory rate - isolated change, no global effect on face - apparently can't give that natural and subtle look, rather... READ MORE

What would be best for my problem? Significant midface deficiency (Photos)

I had Lefort 1 upper jaw surgery couple years ago because I was born with a very recessed maxilla and had a bad underbite. I realize now I still have... READ MORE

Could someone give me a explanation of the size/projection in male orbital rim + cheek implants?

I am trying to find out whats the normal range in terms of mm of these types of implants in a male. I can't find anything about this. I understand... READ MORE

Midface implant removal - please help me. Any suggestions? (photo)

I undervent a midface augumentation 4 months ago. I am regretting the procedure as the midface tissue seems lowered in my face and my prominent good... READ MORE

Can be midface advancement successfully approximated with implants or other options?

I have weak cheek bones and infraorbitals, my maxillae is unfavorably back and down. I do not have clinically diagnosed midface hypoplasia, rather a... READ MORE

Solution for sagging mid face - lack of cheeks? (Photo)

Hi there, I am 25 years old, and am concerned with the the volume loss in face. I have flacuated in weight since my teens and feel combined with a... READ MORE

Mid Face/Cheek Lift – So Confusing! PML? Endoscopic? I'm sure there's more. What is the best, longest lasting procedure? (Photo)

I understand I need a doctor experienced in cheek lifts. Im 53 and had a traditional face lift (lower) last year. Its good but did nothing for my mid... READ MORE

Can cheek Implants lift the midface?

I had my zygomatic arch reduced 2 years ago. Big mistake. Would cheek implant help lift the midface? Or would I be making the situation worse? READ MORE

Looking for cheek implant. Will it reduce my sunken look in mid face? (Photo)

I am from uk Will malar implant reduce my sunken look in mid face if placed in middle of face than placed high near eyes READ MORE

Cheek implant removal (Hydroxyapatite)? (photos)

1 initial surgery and 4 revisions over 10 years. Have tried adding to,burring down,fat graft,mid face and recently filler. HA was misplaced each time.... READ MORE

Any Possible Way to Shorten Long Mid-face?

I am an 18 yr old female. I have an oblong face shape and my midface is particularly long. It makes me very self-conscious and I feel hideous. My... READ MORE

Neurosurgery or Microsurgery? (photos)

I underwent a midface augumentation surgery and got implant almost in the whole of my midface. After the procedure I was not able to lift the right... READ MORE

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