Lift + Cheek Augmentation

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Submalar Cheek Implants Placement

Can a submalar cheek implant be placed more laterally, to allow space for paranasal implant? How many cc's does the implant fill? Does it lift sunken... READ MORE

Im 43. My Cheeks Sag but I Need No Volume. I Have a Round Full Face. Whats Best Non Invasive Treatment to Lift Them Up.

Im 43. My Cheeks Sag but I Need No Volume. I Have a Round Full Face.  Whats Best Non Invasive Treatment to Lift Them Up. READ MORE

Cheek Implants, Submalar Implants or Lifting? (photo)

Hello Im 29 years old, am i a candidate for submalar implants or cheek implants or lifting? mi doctor said that it would not be aproppiate for me to... READ MORE

Are fillers enough for my flat cheeks and if so, will the nasolabial lines decrease as cheek is lifted? (photo)

What are other options for me and benefits to those alternatives? A cheek implant or mid face correction? I'm 47.... READ MORE

Can Cheeklift Be Performed with Cheek Implants?

I have malar implants (which span and cover part of my orbital rim, downward to about my mid nose). I'm considering a canthopexy but I hear you need... READ MORE

No cheeks, saggy skin, small lips and mouth, under eye lines. Cheek implants? Lift? Weight loss? (Photo)

I'm 22 and have a really unflattering face. I also feel I look really young and hear it quite often. I have no cheekbones, do you think if I lost more... READ MORE

Horrible Reviews for Cheek Lifts...Are they Safe?

Why is it that cheek lifts have mostly poor reviews and different doctors have so many different opinions? Are they safe? Is 35 too young to consider... READ MORE

What now? Face Lift and/or cheek implants after excessive buccal fat extraction?

I had buccal fat extraction and my surgeon took way too much away (see my review for details as photo upload keeps crashing ). I've been through fat... READ MORE

Cheek lift causing remarkable improvement of the eye shape. (photo)

Can some surgeons please explain this image. Is it photo shopped? If not, is it a realistic expectation for most people and if so what procedure would... READ MORE

Would cheek implants and a brow lift make me more attractive? (photos)

I'm unhappy with my appearance but I've never been able to figure out which features specifically need to be enhanced. What procedures would make the... READ MORE

Cheek Lift or Cheek Augmentation to help make face narrow? (photos)

Does a Cheek lift or Cheek Aug help narrow the face? I liked my face was before I gained 15 lbs but my face always retained fat so I'd like a more... READ MORE

Lifting the cheeks in a young person? (Photo)

My mouth always looks sad and down-turned. My cheeks look heavy as if i'm overweight (which I'm definitely not!) and the skin sags as if it's... READ MORE

Do I need a cheek lift? (photos)

Im 26 years old, 6 months ago I underwent a procedure called zygoma reduction to reduced the with of my face since I had quite high cheek bones . im... READ MORE

Serveral doctors have answered my first questions. But I don't think their proposal will be the right solution for me.

Dont you have Success with these cheek lift surgeries? why is it such a big risk with this type of surgery compared with other similar surgeries? Such... READ MORE

Will cheek implant lift the cheek/chin and add definition? (photos)

I hate my puffy saggy cheeks, would implants of chin, cheeks lift and define my face more than buccal fat removal? READ MORE

A cheek lift changed my nose, pulled the sides out and up. Is there any way to pull them back down? (Photo)

It bothers me a lot as I didn't expect my nose to change from the cheek lift. The cheek lift pulled the sides of my nose up and out. --- because the... READ MORE

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