Hollows + Cheek Augmentation

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Sunken Cheeks: Long-lasting Dermal Fillers Available?

Having used both restylane and perlane, with passable results, I am now searching for something longer lasting. A filler that lasts longer than 6... READ MORE

What's the Best Way to Treat Sunken Cheeks?

I have the gaunt, sunken look in my cheeks.  How can I improve this?  I would be open to surgical and nonsurgical options, I just want to... READ MORE

Best Filler for Cheek Hollowness?

I have high cheekbones and have noticed that I am becoming more hollow just underneath them and am considering fillers to make them fuller thereby... READ MORE

Perlane Vs. Juvederm, Which is Best for Cheek Augmentation?

My cheeks look gaunt and my face is perma-tired looking. One doctor said I need juvaderm but another told me perlane. pls help me understand how to... READ MORE

Solutions for Hollow Cheeks?

What can be done about indentations in the skin directly under the cheekbones that give an aged appearance? READ MORE

Best Procedure for Gaunt Cheeks?

I am 55, and have always been on the tall, thin side. I am healthy and into sports. My issue is that I have high cheekbones but the middle of my face... READ MORE

How Can I Fill my Hollow Cheeks Without Appearing Fake and Have a Long Lasting Effect?

Im 30 years old and featuring extreme thinning f the face though im not losing any weight....its aging me fast....what can i do as a long term... READ MORE

Can Cheek Implants Be Used to Fill in Under Eye Hollows?

I went to a surgeon who said that my under eye hollows/bulges are due to the fact that my eye ball is located there. I was looking at Bill O'Reilly... READ MORE

How can I get hollow cheeks? (Photo)

I'm 18, I wonder how can I get hollow cheeks ? I'm young (I know) but at least I need to learn. READ MORE

How do I achieve the hollow cheeks?

Hi, How do I achieve the hollow cheeks look male models tend to have. I have fairly high cheekbones but I only see hollow cheeks when I pout which... READ MORE

I Have High Cheek Bones but Underneath Them is Hollow What's the Best Treatment?

What's best, permanent treatment to make underneath my high cheekbones look fuller? READ MORE

I Am 45 Years Old (Male) and Have Hollow Cheeks, What's My Best Option? (photo)

I am 45 years old (male) and have hollow cheeks. I would like to know what type of treatment could be the best and the safest with least side effects?... READ MORE

How Do I Fix Eye Hollows After Cheek Fillers? (photo)

I had filler about 6-7 months ago in my cheeks right under my eyes to fill a space where two cheek pads come together to form a line on my face. It... READ MORE

Other Than Lack of Fat, Can Weak/low Cheekbones Cause Tear Trough in a 20 Years Old?

I have deep tear trough and dark circles since I was born. I read that lack of fat under the eyes can cause it, but I also read that low and weak... READ MORE

Is There a Filler That Can Fix the Hollowness? (photo)

Im 30, currently following a very strict diet to lose a lot of weight, about 30 kg or 66 lbs but I'm afraid that losing that much weight will make... READ MORE

Lower Cheeks and Face Definition? (photo)

Hi all, I am 30 years old . I have always found my lower face chubby and heavy. I believe that a slimmer and more defined face shape would... READ MORE

What surgery method can achieve drastic hollow cheeks? (photos)

Hope to find a surgery that achieves drastic hollowness under cheek bone. Obviously a cheek implant would be the first option, but this implant would... READ MORE

Going to do a malar implant surgery due to malar hypoplasia. I'm concerned about the risks. What should I ask my PS? (photo)

I have malar hypoplasia.Hypoplasia got worse with age which gives my face a hollow and plain look. Surgery is 25th August but im concerned. Is there... READ MORE

How can i get those face specifications like Justin Bieber? (photos)

How can I get those face specialities like justin bieber, like his cheekbone is straight..I have my head smaller, cheekbone is side than head&jaw... READ MORE

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